Friday, September 22, 2006

Food pics from coastal Croatia

Here's part of what I bought at the market yesterday... A bag of the best dried figs ever made anywhere in the world, a bunch of delicious and juicy green grapes, and two yellow-green bell peppers. These peppers are the most commonly found around here, although red ones are also available, and I had one of those too. I just thought that all of these goodies looked so nice together. These dried figs are absolutely sublime. $2.50 for the whole bag. I went back this morning and bought two more bags. Delicate and sweet and chewy and moist and just so perfect.

Sometimes when we are travelling around, I am a bit envious of my omnivorous boyfriend who can be adventurous and eat local specialties. I would love to do that very much, but I love being vegan much more... so that's that. I realized though, that I can express my adventurousness at the market, interacting with vendors and trying new produce on the rare opportunities that I find it. Mostly the produce here is quite familiar to anything we have at home... but every once in a while I find something special or a bit new. And, tonight I had a great exprience... after days of eating plain cucumber tomato salads with too much vinegar while my bf ate two or three courses of food, I oversaw someone at another table being served something that looked an awful lot like spinach! I asked, and it was vegan! Better yet, it was AMAZING. I will try to recreate it for myself, and for all of you, when I get home. Spinach (actually something else, but similar), potatoes, garlic, salt, and olive oil, cooked into a tasty mush. Delish!
This morning's breakfast. a banana, some dried figs, half a piece of pumpernickel bread, an oat cookie, grapes, and the last little bit of my apricot-apple-peach juice. Yum! What a great way to start the day... especially considering that I ate in on a little balcony overlooking the adriatic sea!


  1. Anonymous8:20 PM

    You know, I completely understand what you mean about veganism not always being compatible with trying new things and regional specialties. I call it "vegan melancholia" that sense that you have to be picky and limited, but you're not really picky and limited! Augh! The food you are eating sounds really good, though.

  2. yes bazu!
    that's exactly right! I feel so picky, but I'm really not picky at all. I usually tell people at home that "other than my choice to be vegan, I'm not picky at all!". At home in Santa Cruz, everyone knows all about veganism and it's perfectly okay to let someone know that I'm vegan. But when I'm travelling I sometimes feel shy to ask or mention it, for fear of seeming rude or like a troublemaker. However, I found a few good vegan dishes in the last couple of days, and they were really good! I will look for recipes and try to recreate them once I'm home.
    :) amey

  3. Anonymous9:36 AM

    Hey Amey,
    Yea, I know exactly what you mean. I think the more people blog while travelling (like you) the more info. all of us vegans will be armed with on future travels. Can't wait to see all the new recipe ideas and taste combinations you come home with!

  4. Did you ever work out what that dish was? It's blitva! Best food ever. :D


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