Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Thoughts on being vegan abroad...

Hi All,
Back home I try to post almost everyday, but here in Croatia and Bosnia i Herzegovina, it's few and far between as far as posts go. It's also pretty much few and far between as far as veggie options go... and us vegans are totally outta luck.

It's an interesting experience here, because Bosnian food is ALL ABOUT MEAT. Lamb, veal, beef... lamb stuffed with veal stuffed with ham... I kid you not! They have three veggie options - buttery filo dough stuffed with cheese, buttery filo dough stuffed with potatoes and cheese, or buttery filo dough stuffed with spinach and cheese. Then there is pizza, which is widely available.

The sideway pic above (sorry) was my dinner tonight, and this was one of my biggest meals yet. A tomato, a small yellow bell pepper, a small loaf of bread with some jam, two bananas, and some grapes. I saved the apples for tomorrow. It looks not so bad, but these are the only foods and flavors I have eaten for the last week, with only a few exceptions. A lack of variety in flavors really decreases the appetite, I've found that I can't stand the sight of another loaf of bread... and then soon enough I'm really hungry and back at the bakery!

I'll write more soon, the internet cafe is closing in 5 minutes!


  1. Anonymous5:07 PM

    funny.. I had that same experience in Thailand.. you would think it would be a veg freindly place, huh? the big citys were.. off the beaten path, not so much..I ate a lot of plain noodles.. Chinese noodles w/ veggies they called them but, after a while i could just tell my body needed some protein.. one could not live on noodles alone.. I caved and ate eggs.. anyhoo you must be having a great time anyways huh? i am totally jealous being able to travel abroad and all! lucky you! I hope you are enjoying every minute of it!

  2. I'm so sorry for your deprivation! How long are you traveling for? It's too bad that there's so much meat going on where you are. I always travel with a stash of lara bars or luna bars, but they're usually gone within a day or two... I can't wait to see more pictures from your journey, so keep us posted!


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