Friday, September 15, 2006

Vegan eats in Dubrovnik

Hi Everyone!
Thanks for the comments on that last posting... I've been regretting its tone a bit, thinking that I sound like too much of a complainer! I guess I was having some travel-wearies that day.

My favorite thing about this trip is all the fresh food that I get to eat. Mostly I am eating fresh bread, fresh fruit, and fresh veggies. Every once in a while I'll eat a bag of potato chips or something. Also, I brought a Clif or Luna bar for everyday of the trip... and I am so glad I did!! I haven't skipped a day yet. Mostly I am eating figs, bread, bell peppers, clif bars, sparkling water, apples, and grapes. I did splurge and buy myself a 1/4 watermelon (although unfortunately it wasn't a great one). I've also started buying the beautiful purple plums they grow around here. I find that I get hungry again pretty quickly, so I go to the farmers market pretty much every day! The cool thing is that all these towns have farmers markets everyday and that is the standard & traditional place to buy produce.

I am really really craving savory, spiced, warm, yummy foods though... especially dreaming of some nutritious greens and some dal!!! This afternoon Musty mentioned French Toast and I forbid him from mentioning it again... my stomach almost flipped over!

The other thing I really love is how fantastic the bread is. Amazing. All over this entire region, there are tiny bakeries, each churning out loaf after loaf of delicious and freshly-baked bread. Hoorah! I mostly stick to whole wheat since its got more nutrients and flavor and fiber, but everyonce in a while I'll get a little white bread. A bread-based diet isn't particularly healthy or tasty, but at least its really great bread!

My last favorite thing is the beverages. Mostly I drink sparkling water... which I am a huge fan of. But for a few days now we are based in beautiful Dubrovnik, and we've got an apartment with a FRIDGE! So I bought some exciting looking juices in unusual flavors... AND - ****biggest news of all*** -- Muesli and SOY MILK!!! I can't tell you how overwhelming my anticipation is for tomorrow's breakfast!

pictures soon, I promise. How many pictures of bread and figs can I post?


  1. Anonymous9:21 AM

    Oooh thank you for taking us along on your culinary journey. I totally understand your cravings, no matter how great any one food group is, you can't live on it. Just think, you are pretty much detoxing with fruit right now! ;-)
    Oh, and I hope you enjoyed your muesli today- yay! Can't wait to see more.
    [I hope I can post this comment, ever since I switched to beta, blogger is giving me trouble-grr]

  2. hi bazu!
    thanks so much for your comments. yes, the detox is a good way to think of it! :) good idea. Oh, the muesli is heavenly... so amazing. I can't wait for breakfast again tomorrow.
    :) Amey

  3. I was in Dubrovnik September 2011, and there is this fantastic vegetarian restaurant, it might even be all Vegan. Best food of the entire trip! And I am always really excited when places have soy milk. Love soy or almond milk cappuccinos!


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