Friday, July 20, 2007

Hello From Florida!

Hi Everyone!
I am thinking about you all, and I look forward to blogging (and cooking!) again soon. I especially can't wait to blog about our wonderful breakfast in Boise with Vicki!!! It was great!

Florida is hot and humid, and I have a wonderful collection of bug bites coming along - 68 on my right leg, and 44 on my left leg (is my right leg really THAT much tastier??). So, that's a bit of a bother at this point. I keep telling myself "just try to ignore it, just try to ignore it"...

The good news is that we have seen lots of cool animals and have been enjoying a good swim in the ocean every morning. Hoorah!

Here's a little vegan guerilla activism idea for you. A while back, I started up a little habit. Everytime I use a public computer (like the one in our hotel lobby in Florida), when I"m done using it, I leave up a vegan web site. I do it at the library, and at Circuit City on all their display monitors... it's a fun thing to do. Usually I just leave up one of you all's blogs, or maybe Vegan Outreach or something like that. Try it, you'll like it!

More soon!


  1. You're so funny - I love your idea of leaving a vegan website up. That's totally something I would do...kinda like slipping the idea into their head without them noticing. Too funny.


  2. as a Floridian, I feel your pain, literally. just yesterday I was enjoying weather from a nearby storm...wind was up, clouds were looming, it was a great time to plant some stuff in my front bed....then the wind died and the blood suckers descended. in my sprint to the door i managed to collect almost twenty bites myself! LOVE it here ;) my aunt just told me that drinking pickle juice works as a repellent. NOW she tells me? hehe.

    love the computer idea.

  3. Hi Amey!! Art recommends Aveno cream for your bug bites -- he get poison oak easily & that's the cure. (or at least to feel better)

    It was awesome to finally meet you in person, and dang it, is it a race to blog the breakfast, or what?!!!!! Say hi to Musty, and we loved hearing him play the piano when he was here!

    Enjoy the ocean swims!


  4. haha, that's great about the websites - hopefully you were able to inspire those who used the computer after you! I hope your bug bites heal soon; and I look forward to hearing more about your trip!!

  5. I hope you're having fun on your voyages- we miss you! How cool that you and Vicki got to meet.
    I love your guerrilla activism- I do things like that all the time, and rearrange bookstore displays so certain books are slightly more prominent.

    Ouch about the bug bites! Mosquitos tend to find me quite delicious, alas. And I'm sensitive to mosquito bites, so they swell up to the size of a quarter- ack.

  6. Anonymous3:40 PM

    I can sympathize with your bug bites. Having returned from FL over a week ago, I've still got lingering welts that itch like mad. Can't wait to hear all about your breakfast with Vicki!

  7. what a great idea- am definitely doing that...vegan guerilla warfare is on!

    Sorry about the bites, am not looking forward to my upcoming trip...Mosquitoes love me too.


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