Sunday, July 22, 2007

Our Trip: Part 1: Breakfast with Vicki & Family!

As we have both mentioned, last week Vicki and I got to meet each other! It was awesome. Musty and I were in Boise for a wedding - one of my best friends got married. It was a super great wedding, but since this is a vegan food blog, I'll try to stay on track. We worked out that the best time to get together was Monday morning - so we headed over to their house for breakfast.

We got to meet Vicki and her wonderful husband Art and their two super cuties, Olivia & Abigail. It was so warm and fun and it makes me wish we didn't live so far apart! Musty and Art even had lots of music stuff in common, so that was another neat connection to share.

Sorry our faces are a bit dark, but here's a cute picture of Vicki & me and her little munchkins ... It was really hot in Boise, so breakfast at 8:30 on their veranda was quite lovely! It was so fun being with another blogger - we were both taking pictures of everything before we could start eating. Ha ha!

Here's most of the spread - Vegan YumYum's lavender shortbread, a little jar of very nice lavender jelly, a big hummus platter with Dreena's creamy hummus & lettuce & steamed yellow beets & tiny gherkins, a bag of pita bread, and of course the ***amazing*** chocolate mint melty cookies from the Everyday Vegan Video, and even the tiny hand of an eager cookie appreciator. I can tell you, those cookies are freakishly delicious. I will probably have to buy that DVD solely to obtain that recipe. They are that good.

There was also Ice Cream for breakfast! What a decadent treat. Vicki really had such an amazing spread for us. She had a tub of vanilla Soy Delicious, with local blackberries and blueberries, and some granola to put on top. YUM! The girls were very excited about getting to have ice cream and cookies for breakfast. Truth be told, so was I! :)

Here's a close up of VeganYumYum's Lavender Shortbread. It was fun to realize how much we know about each other & our lives from reading each other's blogs - as soon as Vicki showed me the lovely lavender shortbread, I said "Oh yeah, you just went lavender picking!" ha ha.

Here's my decadent sweetie plate - don't worry, I also ate plenty of hummus and veggies! Here you can witness my inability to control myself in the face of so many delicious vegan treats: Soy Delicious Ice Cream, granola, blueberries, blackberries, a chocolate mint cookie, and a piece of the Lavender Shortbread with lavender jelly on it. Phew! It was deeelish!

Oh, Jolie really is a great dog. Most of you know that Musty and I have 3 dogs, so we are definitely doggie appreciators. :) After seeing this super cute picture, we were looking forward to meeting Ms Jolie. She is such a sweet dog! Musty was particularly in love with her. I think he wanted to sneak Jolie home with him. It was fun getting to pet on her and getting some doggie time.

Little Abi was having a bit of a morning when we were there, but once she found her groove - she moved into full speed. Musty caught this cute picture of her dashing around in the kitchen.

"Can I have a cookie? Can I have a cookie?" SOMEONE was seriously interested in those chocolate mint cookies. Olivia scored and was allowed to eat two with her breakfast... but couldn't stop asking for more. It was exceptionally cute. Such a keen ability to focus! She had figured out to ask each adult individually, on the off chance that she might break one of us down - or perhaps we were not a unified front! Alas, two was all she got. :)

In Vicki's kitchen! She sent us off with some yummy treats - a carton of big delicious blackberries, 2 more chocolate mint cookies, and 4 pieces of lavender shortbread! Wow! We ate most of it later in the afternoon as we took a little roadtrip up the Payette River. The last two pieces of shortbread made it all the way to Florida. Stay tuned for more pics from that part of our trip!

Please note: "Famous Potatoes" !!! Do any other states feature vegetables on their liscense plates??? That's awesome! Musty and I now like to call each other "Famous Potato."

We can't wait to see them again, here there or anywhere! Hopefully I'll get a chance to cook up something special for them in Santa Cruz sometimes. Thanks again Vicki - that was super fun!


  1. Anonymous10:08 AM

    What a lovely breakfast you had with Vicki and her family. She really knows how to plan a feast. Ice cream for breakfast! That's my kind of girl. And oh my - her view is spectacular.

  2. You ladies are adorable :)

  3. Hi AMEY!!! :)

    It was so fun to meet you! I only wish we had more time to talk! (next time, a babysitter for sure! lol!) Thanks for talkin' yoga with Liv, & petting Jolie to her hearts content, and to Musty for making our piano sing. We all loved hanging out with you two and thanks for sharing the morning. We're hoping for a run to Santa Cruz to visit you Famous Potatoes sometime!! Looking forward to seeing how the rest of your trip unfolded. Talk to you soon! :)


  4. How exciting! What fun- I want to know when blogger friends are coming to NYC and have fun visits like the one you just had.

    And ice cream for breakfast? brilliant.

  5. as I said on vicki's blog post, this breakfast is filled with good food and good company; I wish there was a way for more of us vegan bloggers to get together in person! so much fun!

  6. Hi, Amey! What a great fun post. I know you two had a wonderful time and what a great breakfast! And to-go treats too. The chocolate mint cookies certainly sound like they're worthy of the dvd purchase. I love the picture of the cookies with the little hand creeping in!

    Texas license plates are all about cowboys, meat, and hunting :(

  7. So cool that you got to meet Vicki--she's an amazing lady. I am jealous of yall these vegans meet-ups.

    Thanks for sharing!

  8. Wow--how wonderful that you got to meet Vicki and Art and their girls! It's funny, but you're right about how much we all seem to know about each other's lives. Looks like you were treated to quite a feast!!!

  9. Anonymous8:24 PM

    wow ,what a great day! i was withoyt computer but now that is fixed i will return to read more of your awesome posts! cute photos.

  10. What a great meet up! You guys look like you're having so much fun - and that spread of food is simply amazing! Boise looks pretty neat - I've never been. Hope the rest of your trip was delightful, too - can't wait to hear more about it. =)

  11. I loved reading this post- you and Vicki are two of my favorite bloggers, so only good things can come from a meeting. Like breakfast ice cream!
    I know what you mean about eating with fellow bloggers- all the cameras get whipped out, tons of pictures from different angles, food getting cold, and lots of giggling!

  12. I love the idea of lavender flavoured foods, but in reality, I'm not that into them. Pretty though ! :)

  13. What a great time. Love the pix of the kids and you guys and Jolie. And even that license plate. So great you got to meet Vicki. She's one of my fave peeps in the world!

  14. I'm back! I know you're super busy, but if you have some time, I've tagged you over on my blog!

  15. It sounds like you had a fab time! I am so jealous that your blackberries are ready :)


  16. Oooh, that sweets plate is right up my alley!


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