Tuesday, May 13, 2008

My Very Own Sourdough Post!

When Bazu offered to send out some sourdough starter, I jumped at the chance to get some. Then... it arrived and I was scared of it. I didn't want to start it going, because I was afraid of killing it! I finally worked up the courage, though, and now I've made couple of goodies.

Thanks to Bazu's fantastic sourdough post, I was pointed in the direction of some good recipes. I picked the sourdough pancakes to start with. YUM. We weren't sure if they would work, and Musty was disgusted by the sight of the starter, which he affectionately called "bat spit." But then, these delicious babies came off the griddle, and who can argue with these?! They were fantastic - fluffy, light, and flavorful.

Yummers sat at the table with us, and Musty let him lick the extra maple syrup off his finger.

How cute are Musty and Yummers, sitting next to each other at the table??

Empowered by my pancake success, I decided to try the Sourdough Rye Loaf. Hot Damn! This turned out fantastic! I followed the recipe exactly and I got a big beautiful round loaf of delicious rye bread. It's got just the right chewy, flavorful, crumb that I'd expect from rye bread. Maybe it was a bit dense, but I didn't mind. I'll definitely make it again.

The only down side of making bread? I can't stop eating it! :)

Thanks Bazu! I've bookmarked a few more sourdough recipes that I'm looking forward to trying. What fun.


  1. Oh man, I'm so jealous! I totally want to start exploring the world of sour dough.

  2. I'm jealous! I enjoy making my own starter, but I know Bazu is the queen of such things. The pancakes and bread really do look delicious. Awesome job! :)

  3. Love the photographs of Musty and Yummers, haha! Priceless :0)

    Oooh, your sourdough pancakes and sourdough rye loaf look HEAVENLY!! Yum!! I'm too afraid to make breads with yeast, but you're convincing me that maybe I should work up the courage and do so! :0)

  4. I made pancakes with my starter Bazu sent too! Yum. But I've been too scared to experiment further with actual bread. You've inspired me!

    Musty and Yummers make such a cute pair :-)

  5. The pancakes look like flowers, don't they? I mean tasty pancakey flowers, of course.

  6. We love making those pancakes, they're so easy! I made a few as waffles & froze them, they make a great quick toaster snack.
    Also, that bread looks awesome!

  7. Yay, I'm glad the starter is working for you! I tell ya, this stuff is UN-killable! Your pancakes and bread look so good. I'm still tinkering with rye bread to make it a little less dense, so I know what you mean. And oh my gosh, the Musty/Kitty photo is classic- they look so cute together!

  8. Bazu's famous sourdough! The bread looks so fabulous ~ love, love, love the smell of homebaked bread.

  9. Your bread is gorgeous! I just printed out that recipe to give it a try with Bazu's amazing sourdough that's now taken up residence in my refrigerator. Isn't it fun?

  10. Aw, I'm completely envious... Luckily, Bazu was kind enough to send me a new starter, so hopefully I won't kill it this time! I can only dream about pancakes and bread like that for now...

  11. Anonymous8:30 PM

    what a cute kitty!


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