Sunday, June 28, 2009

What I Got at The Farmers' Market

I always like to see what other folks are getting at their markets. It's fun to see what people pick out, to see the seasonality of what they bring home, and also the regionality of it all.

Here in Northern California, this is a glorious time of year for the markets - we've still got asparagus and cherries, but we've also got corn and tomatoes and peaches and zucchini... I think of it as the time when you can pick out pretty much any recipe you want, and find all the produce at the market. So, here's what I got at yesterday's Saturday market:

Button Mushrooms, Basil, Fresh OJ, Spring Onions & Garlic
Potatoes, Italian Arugula, Scallions, Red Bell Pepper
Cherries, 3 varieties of White & Yellow Nectarines
Cherry Tomatoes, Early Girl Tomatoes, Bi-color Corn.

All organic, except for the cherry tomatoes... pretty cool, huh!? I was especially happy to see corn for the 1st time last weekend, and red bell peppers for the first time yesterday. So exciting!

Also, yesterday we ate the first apricot from our tree for this year! Isn't it just beautiful? I love that giant size, and the lovely ruby blush. The flavor was perfect, and I found 4 more on the ground this morning... Here begins the Season of YUM!


  1. Anonymous3:23 PM

    I'm so jealous of that haul! What beautiful colors!

    Hopefully I can head to the farmers market this wednesday (which is the day its open) to get some great deals.

    LOVE apricots! Its so cool how you are growing your own!

  2. What a delicious looking picture. I'm so jealous of your farmers markets, they just seem so much better than the ones in the UK!

  3. I love summer produce, and I'm terribly jealous of your apricot tree. Fresh apricots are one of my most favorite things ever!

  4. What an amazing farmer's market haul! So much goodness.

    Your apricot is so pretty!

  5. Oh man, I am ready for corn season! yum. I'm also ready to come out there & get some apricots! hehe.

  6. What a great treat. Our food market here in Lorain Ohio is superb. Everything is freshy picked daily and beautifully displayed. It is a joy to go shopping there. Wonderful and lovely products you purchased.

  7. What a beautiful photo - so vibrant, fresh and alive!

  8. Yea for Yum Season!!! This time of year makes me soooo happy — tomatoes, peppers, peaches, oh my!!!

  9. Ohh la la... I have much of that growing in my backyard... Including blue corn!

  10. The first fruit of the year from your own yard is just awesome isn't it? There's nothing better!


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