Wednesday, December 02, 2009

We Have A Winner!

I put everyone's name in a hat, stirred 'em all around like a big pot of soup... and pulled out:
Jen E!!

This is super especially great because Jen E. is the first vegan I ever met (knowingly, at least), and I consider her to be the person who most supported me during my self-veganizing process. ALSO! Jen E. worked with Mr. VE&Ts and I, before we were dating, and I do believe that she was the very first person that I informed about our budding romance. We are a little bit of an odd couple, and most people at work were a bit surprised to learn we had started dating, but I remember Jen's sweet response, right away, was "Oh, I always thought you two would be a great couple." How Sweet! She knew before I did. : ) So, it seems especially joyful and fitting that Jen E. would win the vegan giveaway in honor of our 10 Years of Dating celebration!

Amey & Mr. VE&Ts say: "Jen E. is super awesome!"

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  1. Anonymous4:35 AM

    That flower is exquisite.



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