Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Watermelon Attack!

I love summery fruits so much, it's pretty much crazy. I have a hard time controlling myself at the farmers' market. Watermelon! Peaches! Nectarines! Strawberries! Blueberries! Plums! Blackberries! Cantaloupes! Crazy weirdo melons! It's just wonderful.

But, lately, I have really been on a watermelon jag. I love it so much. I have been buying these huge watermelons at the market and eating about half a melon a day.

Watch out watermelon, I'm coming to get you! Mwahahahaha!

I cut it into big cubes, for maximized Speedy-Watermelon-Consumption potential. Ahhhhh... Get into my pie hole little watermelon chunks!

Also, I have been mixing up lots and lots of delicious smoothies! Mmmm. I know some of your healthy people out there in the blogosphere are into green smoothies, but I see that as a waste of a perfectly good fruit smoothie. I'll take my spinach on the side, thank you very much! I like my fruity fruits straight up, baby! The blackberry smoothies I've been making are especially dramatic, but this lovely beauty was probably a mix of stone fruits and strawberries. I wish I could pull it out of the internet and drink it all over again!

I have also been enjoying some lovely and gigantic figs from my aunt's King Fig fig tree. Figs are one of my favorite fruits of all time, most especially green figs. We planted a fig tree in our yard, but somehow, it's just not thriving. Boo hoo. So, for now, I am forced to live off of handouts.

Apparently this ginormous fig put me in a more peaceful mood.


  1. sara noel5:45 PM

    Did you know that today, August 3rd, is National Watermelon Day?! I thought it a happy coincidence when i saw your post was all about your watermelon love. Makes me want some! :)

  2. Oh my! I those figs are BEAUTIFUL! I love grilled figs on bread baked with lots of caraway and poppy seeds with a smear of almond or cashew butter!

  3. Watermelons are one of my favorites fruits too! SO refreshing and sweet!

    Nothing says summer than a nice, cool smoothie of fresh from the farmers market fruit. YUM, YUM! :-)

  4. Fresh figs are SO beautiful! Your watermelon looks perfect, the best summertime treat.

  5. Anonymous7:34 AM

    Watermelon is seriously my FAVORITE food ever. Hands down. Well, it is tied with artichoke, but totally #1 :-) I eat a WHOLE melon in a day, lol!

    And I love figs! I cannot even begin to describe my jealousy that your aunt (and you!) has a fig tree! OMG...to be able to eat them without worrying about going bankrupt from buying them?!? How cool would that be?!? Jealous!


  6. Anonymous8:22 AM

    Yay for summer fruits! Yeah, I sympathize with you on the figs. Our Berkeley climate is similar to yours and both are supposed to be perfect for figs. I've moved my fig tree about 4 times now over the last 3 years and its finally in a spot where a figs are starting to grow on it and it's starting to look healthier. In the meantime I, too, enjoy figs from others. Those gigantic figs are beautiful.
    :-) jen e.

  7. I started to buy figs the other day for the first time ever...but then I realized I had no idea what they were supposed to feel like. How firm are they supposed to be because these felt a little soft?

  8. i've never seen figs that big! wow.

    i try to stick to my grocery list but whenever i see those first summer watermelons, my restraint goes out the window and i can't stop eating it!

  9. Your smoothie looks so delicious, I love the pink! And I am so jealous of those figs, I don't think I wish for anything more than my very own fig tree. I wish I could pull those out of the computer screen!


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