Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Our Eventful Easter Morning

Two days before Easter, our little Snoopers ripped off one of his dew claws (and not for the first time!). This poor little guy is just so damned sweet. Even with a big blue bandage on his foot, he still wags his tail like crazy an is generally 1000% lovable. But still, we had him and his gimpy self on our minds and had planned to take him with us to our Easter Brunch... so he could enjoy some company and we could keep an eye on him.

So I set up Snoopy's little doggie bed next to me in the kitchen, and got to work. First, I had to bake my Hot Cross Buns (recipe here). I used a combo of currants, jumbo raisins, and candied citron in them this year. Yum! HCBs are one of my favorite things about Easter. I love how they aren't really sweet, except for the fruits and the frosting - somehow that makes them just perfect for me. I made them the night before, all the way up through the first rise, and then left them in the fridge overnight for the second rise. I learned this trick on the PPK, and it's really great for baking when you have brunch plans. This way, you don't have to wake up at 6 am to start baking and rising and all that... but you still get the joy of a treat that was baked that very morning.

Since I'd mostly pre-made my HCBs, I had plenty of time to make an Asparagus-Leek Tofu Quiche. I combined a recipe from Modern Vegetarian Kitchen and a recipe from Real Food Daily - with great results! A sesame seed-oat crust with a leek-asparagus filling. One thing I love about making tofu quiches is how you can taste the filling before it bakes and make sure it's tasty - tweaking it as needed. If it's tasty going in the oven - it'll definitely be tasty after it's baked!

Every thing was going great, until we noticed our sweet dog Dottie Bonkerswas still outside trying - unsuccessfully - to, uh, eliminate (if you know what I mean!). Then she came inside, puked, and went back outside to try some more. Poor thing. She didn't even want to eat her breakfast, which is highly abnormal. Right as it was time to head off for brunch with a piping hot quiche and a platter of hot cross buns, we decided that Dottie B. had to go to the emergency vet. So poor little Snoopy got left at home after all and Mr. VE&T took Dottie to the vet, and I drove across town to deliver my baked goods to the brunch.

Everyone was there - my family and some beloved honorary family - but they all know me too well... and everyone encouraged me to go back to the vet, so that I wouldn't be so worried. I'm glad they did. Luckily, we only ended up spending about an hour and a half there, and Miss Dottie B was released more or less in good shape (though thoroughly doped up, and with a follow up appointment scheduled at the regular vet). I was so relieved and grateful! And, after all that, we even made it back to the brunch (essentially lunch, at that point!) with our dopey little Dottie in tow. My sweet family had made us a fresh pot of coffee, and there was still enough quiche and fruit salad and bagels - and plenty of loving company to enjoy together!

I hope your Easter was just as yummy, but with fewer visits to the emergency vet!
p.s. Dottie and Snoopy are both recovered now :)


  1. I'm so glad to hear Dottie and Snoopy are all right! We recently had a health scare with one of ours- it's so stressful (for them and us!)

  2. Poor little pups. I hope they're both feeling better. My dogs always seemed to have their worst emergencies at the start of a holiday.

  3. Oh my, what an eventful day! I'm so glad Snoopy and Dottie are recovered.

    That quiche looks incredible, and I am especially intrigued by the sesame oat crust. Yum!

  4. Poor pups! my sister always used to be the one who'd get sick on the holidays! Gorgeous quiche, though. Love the asparagus design.

  5. Your poor furbabies! They both look so sweet. Glad to hear they are healing up well!

  6. Dottie and Snoopy!!!!! So glad they are feeling better. This post made me worried.


  7. Anonymous8:46 PM

    Poor bunnies! I'm glad your pups are better. I always show the pictures of your dogs to my husband. I had made that quiche from the RFD cookbook, but we didn't like it. I even went out and bought umeboshi paste for it. But the whole thing was rather bland and mushy. It really just tasted like a mouthful of tofu with some vegies thrown in. You must have tweaked your recipe perfectly. I love all the ideas I get from your blog.


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