Friday, August 11, 2006

Impending Sense of Vegan Doom

Oh Dear,
Next month, we are headed off for 4 weeks in Croatia, Bosnia, and Serbia. I am super excited for our big trip... but not so excited for the food. Here are some sample excerpts from our Lonely Planet "Western Balkans" guide book:

"The country abounds with eating options, so you won't go hungry. You might well go hungry though if you want to eat anything that does not have meat as the main ingredient. Meat in pastry, meat with potatoes, meat on its own, and meat stuffed with meat is ever-present."


"For dishes that have more that just meat, although they still contain meat, try ..."

And of course it's all veal and lamb... not just any ol' meat. What's with the baby animal thing?

What's a world-travelling vegan to do?

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