Monday, August 21, 2006

Last Night's Yellow Dinner, Blueberry Coffee Cake, and Spaghetti

Last night I was feeling pretty tired... so I wasn't in the mood for much cooking. I pulled out some Imagine Organic Corn Chowder that I had in the cupboard. First I cooked up an ear of corn from the farmers market. When it was done, I tossed the kernels in with the soup. It was really tasty! I also had a little fruit salad with some really sweet yellow watermelon and some other melon that I can't remember the name of. Yum yum!

Tonight for dinner I had a bunch of big huge heirloom tomatoes I wanted to use. I cooked up some whole wheat spaghetti and threw in some brocolli at the same time. I was reminded of this technique from a recent posting by Urban Vegan (thanks!!). While that was boiling along, I cooked up some garlic, olive oil, and my chopped tomatoes... Then I mixed it all up and added a few chopped up kalamata olives. Yumola!!

We had a big mess of blueberries threatening to go bad on me if I didn't use them soon, so I made the Blueberry Coffee Cake from VwaV. It's pretty good, although not really sweet enough for my tastes. I know coffee cake isn't supposed to be super sweet... but this is a little "baking-powdery" if you know what I mean. I suppose we'll still eat it all (ha!)... but it's not my favorite.

Also, a gratuitous doggie shot! Here are my two girl dogs, Dottie Bonkers and Stevie Wonder, keeping my company in the kitchen while I cook dinner. So sweet & attentive! Stevie loves to hang out in the kitchen with me... but Dottie gets bored. After I took this picture, she snuck off and chewed up the great gardening gloves my mom got me for Christmas. Sigh! I guess we'll get her some more toys tomorrow!

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  1. I haven't tried that coffee cake yet. Yours look very nice! It is interesting that it wasn't very sweet because so many of the other baked goods in VwaV are super sweet. I have a feeling I might actually like that coffee cake because the sweetener is maple syrup, which I usually use instead of white sugar.

    That pasta looks delicious. Mmmm, kalamata olives!


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