Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Stuffed Bell Peppers!

Tonight I whipped up a quick little mess of stuffed veggies... two stuffed bell peppers and two stuffed zucchini. Boy, they were really yummy! I sauteed up some onions and garlic, with some fresh basil and parsely... tossed in some chopped up carrots and chard stems... then threw in some cut up tomatoes, chard, tomato sauce, a can of lentils, ... and some pine nuts at the end!

super delish!


  1. looks great i wish my little ones would eat like that.. not, yet though we are working on it! sometimes i make a big o pot of somehting they will eat in order for hubby and i to have our own dinner the next night..

  2. Hi Madeinalaska!
    Yeah... we are only 2 adults, which means we are free of kid-diet restrictions. Your plan sounds like a very clever one... allowing for a more adventurous meal every once in while.


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