Friday, January 19, 2007

Forbidden Fruit!

Yum, here are some tasty eats from yesterday...

First, thanks everyone for your suggestions on how to eat my dandelion greens! I started with ATXvegan's idea of including some of them in a salad. I didn't have any lettuce, so I made a little salad with dandelion greens, micro greens (little lettuce sprouts), an english cucumber from the farmer's market, and some chickpea (taking Jen's idea of eating dandelion greens with some beans). For dressing, I used some of my sweet Apricot Tangerine Peach Balsamic vinegar. It was a pretty good salad! The dandelion greens are a little bitter, and a little tough too... but nice enough in a salad.

Last night for dinner I had more of my Cuban-style beans with some wild rice... only this time I added some avocado! Just to add to his crazy-man reputation, I neglected to mention that another food Musty doesn't like is Avocados!! So, of course I could buy any of these things when he's around, but it's so much easier to make something that we'll both like. Plus, regarding avocados, I don't often want to be responsible for eating a whole avocado! Anyhow, the avocado turned these beans from pretty good to *outstanding*!! It was so delicious & perfectly ripe!

Here's the big bowl of steamed kale that I ate with my beans. Yum!

And, lastly, here's my cup of hot chocolate that I had for dessert, in my favorite Tintin mug. Mmmmm, warm & toasty! For my hot cocoa mix, I use the Lake Champlain Organic Fair Trade hot chocolate... it's vegan and delicious. It's hard to find a hot cocoa mix that meets all three ideal ethical standards: vegan, organic, and fair trade. So, this one's a winner! Also, I add in a little scoop of Dagoba's Xocolatl hot chocolate... it's packed with chilis and brings some real heat. That way the hot cocoa keeps warming you from the inside.


  1. Hmmmm..I've never had spicy hot chocolate - I'll have to try it! Looks good. I don't think I could ever get dandelion greens down tho :(

  2. Yum, the hot chocolate looks and sounds so good... I love the spiciness.

    Dandelion greens are one thing I've never acquired a taste for--but still, the salad looks lovely. The sliced avocado on top of the beans looks REALLY lovely!

  3. Anonymous9:10 PM

    What? He doesn't like avocado? Now that's just nonsense.

    I've never steamed kale whole like that. Are the stems tough?

    The hot chocolate looks so good. I love the idea of hot chocolate with heat! So warming - especially in this cold winter weather.

  4. Hi Tracy! Yes, definitely try the spicy hot cocoa, it's very good! As far as dandelion greens, I don't think they're my new favorite, but I figured I ought to try them - since I never had!

    Hi Laura!
    Yeah, I love the spicy hot choc. The only thing is, that mix REALLY packs some heat... so you just need a 1/2 tsp or so to get the right effect. I can't imagine making a cup of hot choc with just that stuff.

    Hi VivV,
    I know... not liking avocado is insane! He won't even eat guacamole... weird-o. This jacinto kale has moderately tough stems. The end half is perfectly fine for eating, & in fact the stems are pretty sweet. The stem half is tougher sometimes, so if necessary I just chew the good bits off. A bit animalistic, maybe... but less prep work!

  5. Anonymous8:03 AM

    Not to be rude everything looks AMAZING , but look closly at the avacado there is a cat hair on it... ew...

  6. Ha ha! Good catch Anonymous!
    Well, this does happen in our house. Hopefully I noticed it before I started eating! hee hee.


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