Monday, January 08, 2007

Starchy Day!

UPDATE: Here is a good page about this "no knead bread" - used the original article from the New York Times, but this is a great little page:

Today I got to wake up and finish making my "No Knead Bread" - an 18-hour overnight project! My little loaf didn't rise as much as I thought it would, but it turned out so beautifully!!! I just can't believe how pretty it is. It's also scrumptiously delicious. I am very excited. You wouldn't necessarily know it from reading my blog, but I absolutely love bread more than almost all other food. I love it so much, in fact, that I never buy it... because I have a hard time controlling myself in its presence. I was very delighted with this friendly little loaf, and had two warm pieces with my leftover soup for lunch.

Then... I got busy making Chris's tangerine cinnamon rolls. Believe it or not, I really did have some tangerines to use up, so I was happy to see his amazing looking recipe. I haven't ever made cinnamon rolls before. It was fun kneading the dough, and it turned out perfectly. It was actually a really easy recipe. Unfortunately though, mine got a bit too overcooked... I don't really know why. My oven cooks at temperature, but it must have been something about my ingredients. The are a bit too crunchy to be perfect, but they are still great tasting. I think I'll try again another time, and maybe not roll out the dough as thin, and get them to cook closer to one another, so they are more doughy. Even with these issues, I have already eaten two! Ha ha. Luckily my doggies eagerly pulled me along on a long speedwalk this afternoon, so I'm not feeling too guilty.

Tonight we used up 3 different noodles that we had left in our cupboard, with some homemade tomato sauce. We used some pureed organic vine-ripened tomatoes that my sweet friend Jane gave me. Yum! Don't worry, we also had a huge bowl of broccoli with dinner. ... although this was a pretty fun starchy day! :)

Hope you had a nice day.


  1. Anonymous7:09 AM

    Mmmmm... starch! I love bread too! Your loaf looks so amazingly artisanal and pretty. I made a whole wheat bread yesterday for the first time, and that was fun too. Doesn't it feel powerful to bake your own bread? I want to make it a regular habit. Is that no rise one from the NY Times article?

  2. Anonymous12:52 PM

    Wow the bread looks really good~!!
    And the cinnamon rolls look great yummy.
    I have some tangerines to use up too, I must try this.
    I was afraid of using yeast, but from one experience now I became friend with yeast. Could you up the bread recipe, please?

  3. Anonymous6:26 PM

    Yes, Bazu said what I was thinking -- your bread looks very artisanal. Congrats on the bread success :-)

  4. Anonymous6:31 PM

    Bread is one of my favorite things too. Fortunately, I get to give mine away to Chase so I don't eat it all! And after I get this sugar out of me, I am definitely going to make the cinnamon rolls.

    I'm glad to know you've been eating your salads and broccoli!

  5. Yes, Bazu,
    I agree... it is very magical to make your own bread. It's such a lovely process... watching it grow and rise, and smelling the yummy smells. Congrats on your whole wheat loaf! I can't wait to see it. Also, yeah, I forgot to make the link, but this is the recipe from the NY Times.

    Hi Lotta,
    I definitely recommend the cinnamon rolls. They are so good. We have been enjoying them again today. Yeast is pretty fun. Do a blogger search on "no-knead bread" and you'll find a link the recipe quickly. It was from the NY Times. It's very easy to follow.

    Hi Jen,
    oooh, artisinal! how fun. :) I wish I could share it with everyone, it's so good when it's fresh.

    Hi ATXvegan,
    Yes, you're very lucky to have someone to help you with bread consumption! Musty is just not a bread person. He will eat up all the sweets and pasta in the house however. Tomorrow is the farmer's market, so I'll be back to the fruits and veggies tomorrow.


  6. Anonymous9:04 AM

    That bread looks awesome! :) I will have to look for the recipe.

  7. Anonymous3:17 PM

    Wow, your bread came out beautifully! I tried a no-knead bread (New York Times, by chance?) and it was a horrible disaster--it rose NOT AT ALL so it was flat and dense and chewy... Since yours came out so well, it must have just been my fault! :P I'll have to give it another go.

    The cinnamon rolls look heavenly! And I love those random pasta dishes that clean out your nearly-empty stores of noodles...

  8. Anonymous9:48 PM

    What a perfect loaf of bread! I'm so impressed that you made that from scratch! Nice work! I love bread too, and never buy it. I use my bread machine in a pinch...other than that, I do not eat it because I love it too much. Lol! Yours looks like such a good treat though to have once in awhile. (ok..everyday! Lol!)

  9. Anonymous7:17 AM

    Wonderful looking bread and rolls !
    Wow, I want to be your student !

  10. Hi Nikki,
    I finally updated, and added a link to the recipe. It's really easy and fun. I think next time I'll let it sit even longer, and see if I can get some bigger yeast bubbles for a slightly lighter loaf.

    Hi Laura!
    Yeah, that's the same recipe I tried... sorry that yours didn't work out. I guess maybe let it sit longer (at least 18 hours)... and use fresh yeast. Also, I went out and specifically bought bread flour, because I read that it would work better. Good luck!

    Hi Candi,
    Ha ha, I guess I'm not the only one with no self-control in the face of tasty bread! I recently got a bread machine off of freecycle, but I haven't used it yet. I have to spend some time reading the book so that I can figure it out.

    Hi Gaia!
    :) Thanks! But you make some pretty incredible things too! This bread recipe is really fun, because the results are so beautiful, and you hardly have to do anything.

  11. The no-knead bread recipe works for me everytime. And since my husband's a professional baker we are never lacking for carbs. Bad news for my waistline.

  12. Anonymous1:27 PM

    we are a lot alike and I. Bread is easily, hands down, my favourite food too. And that stuff just looks incredible.

  13. Anonymous1:31 PM

    we are a lot alike and I. Bread is easily, hands down, my favourite food too. And that stuff just looks incredible.

  14. Anonymous2:24 PM

    Starch. Rules. Your bread looks wonderful and the cinnamon rolls? I'm in a puddle of drooly-envy over here. Yum!

  15. Anonymous9:08 PM

    No knead bread, nice. It sure looks pretty and I love the cinnamon rolls.

  16. Hi Mamafabun!
    I love your funny name. I know, this no-knead bread is amazing! I just finished that loaf tonight, and I am already wanting to make more!! It's just so fun and easy and delicious. How lucky for you that your husband is a baker!!! That sounds truly idyllic.

    Hi Megan,
    Yeah, bread is just wonderful. I definitely recommend this recipe. It's easy and you get great results!

    Hi Kris,
    ha ha, your comment made me laugh! Yeah, starch is wonderful... I like it in pretty much every form.

    Hi Dori,
    Try the bread, you'll love it! The cinnamon rolls are so very delicious, and really easy too. :)


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