Sunday, February 18, 2007

Year of the Pig! Oink Oink!

Yesterday I went up to visit one of my best friends in San Mateo (south of San Francisco)... We had a great time. She's another vegetarian, farmer's market-loving, cooking fan - one of countless reasons that we enjoy each other's company.

We started off our visit with a trip to her farmer's market. It's always fun to go to another farmer's market and see the goodies. We got some produce, some 100% apple juice, some apricot-walnut bread, and a few other delicious goodies:

They have an Afghan vendor selling lots of tasty things, many of which are vegan. I got a packet of 2 spinach bolanis, 2 lentil bolanis, and 3 condiments: lentil curry, cilantro chutney, and eggplant pesto. OH YUM. The bolani is a thin bread with a layer of spinach/lentil/whatever inside, and folded into a half moon. I toasted up one and had it with the condiments for lunch today and it was exceptional. What delicious flavors!

I also stopped by the legendary Big Paw booth. Oh my! They sell the most amazing vinegars, olive oils, and other goodies. I bought a bottle of Apricot-Lavender vinegar which is just fantastic. I can use it as a fat-free salad dressing all by itself & it's wonderful. I also got two new items:
Fig Syrup - which is only boiled down figs and sugar. It tastes like fig molasses. AMAZING
Grilled Figs - with basil and balsamico. Deep, smokey, rich, sweet, complex... very interesting flavor!

Tonight for dinner I made some roasted veggies, just a simple dinner: roasted potatoes, beets, and butternut squash. We also had a big bowl of steamed chard. Simple and good.

For dessert, I wanted to make something special to celebrate the Year of the Pig... so I made these little marzipan piggies! Or, as Musty calls them, Marzipigs! I read an article in the newspaper about celebrating the Year of the Pig with a whole fancy pork-centric meal... Not for me, thanks!! I wanted something a little more pig-friendly. I had a little bit of marzipan in my cupboard from last month's big grocery trip in SF. These guys are pretty small, just a bite or two each. :)

As a side note, I really love pigs. They are such smart, and sensitive, and responsive creatures. They look so much like people... the skin, the eyes... I love them. So, let's all say a joyful "oink" in honor of the pigs!


  1. Super cute piggies!

  2. I love the Afghan food you found at the market while visiting your friend... bolanis sound like something I would love to try, and those dipping sauces sound fantastic. Your marzipigs are so crafty! I love pigs too--they're very sweet animals, and yes, very smart too. Oink!

  3. Oh those marzipigs are too adorable! Amazing detail...right down to the curly tail!

  4. Anonymous7:38 AM

    What great farmers market finds! I can't wait to see what you do with the fig goodies. You are so creative it just kills me! Those marzipigs are adorable. I too love pigs.

  5. I love the little piggies!

    I can't wait to get back to my farmers market, hopefully this weekend. There is usually an Ethiopian vendor with lots of vegan items. The Afghan breads and pestos you got sound delicious. It's so fun to sample foods from different cultures.

    What will you do with the grilled figs?

  6. The Afghan food sounds so yummy and the Marzipan pigs are just adorable. So cute :)Marzipigs....what a fun name for them.

  7. OMG the Marzipigs are adorable! Did you mold them by hand?

  8. Hi Everyone!
    Thanks for loving the little marzipigs as much as I did! I had a hard time eating my little cutie. Yeah, I molded them by hand... It took a little finesse-ing, but wasn't too hard! :)

    And... I don't know yet what I'll do with those grilled figs. I'm waiting for inspiration!

  9. Anonymous3:48 AM

    absolutely love the pigs, they are so cute, great job!


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