Saturday, March 03, 2007

Pasta with Veggies & Carrot Cake

Hi Friends,
Musty decided to have "beanies and weenies" for dinner (for reals!!!), so I got to make myself whatever I wanted...

I made some whole wheat fusilli noodles, and topped them with some caramelized onions with garlic, white wine, red bell pepper and fresh spinach. It wasn't necessarily the best thing I've ever made, but it was yummy enough to hit the spot. Plus I got all the dishes washed while the onions were caramelizing. yeah! Have any of you seen that old cartoon from the New Yorker magazine about fusilli noodles? It's one of my favorites. Now Musty calls fusilli noodles "crazy bastards." click the link, & you'll get it!

For dessert we both had a piece of vegan carrot cake. It's been in our freezer for a couple of months, left over from I-don't-remember-what. It was a tasty treat!


  1. Oh, the noodle dish looks so good. Anything with spinach and white wine sounds great!!

    Cute cartoon!!

    Mmm, vegan carrot cake!! Have you ever made the one from VwaV? oh, it's excellent!!

  2. Fusilli, you crazy bastard! that is too funny. And I'm afraid I'm always going to say it now- lol. Ooooh, that carrot cake looks so good! Why doesn't my freezer have secred goodies like that?

  3. Um, I want vegan carrot cake. Will have to go find that today- used to be my favorite kind of cake in my pre-vegan days.

    Your veggie dinner from the last post looks great too- a yummy green meal.

    Also checked out your springs& well blog, which reminded me that I need to get back to yoga and I will be back to read your yoga reflections- looks inspiring.

  4. I'm glad to know that I'm not the only one who gets excited about a clean kitchen. It just makes the whole meal more enjoyable, knowing that the dishes are done, don't you think?

  5. mmm freezer cake...something like that would never last a couple months around here!

    That cartoon cracked me up. Whenever someone mentions fusilli, I always think of that Seinfeld episode where Kramer makes the fusilli Jerry...

  6. He he...that cartoon made me giggle!

    And the carrot cake looks delish! Wish my freezer had such lovely treats in it!

  7. I love that cartoon! And I love all your green foods you've posted recently. I found some brownies in the freezer awhile back and it's like finding a $20 bill in your pocket! Oh, and I LOVE those shoes! I'll keep an eye out for Bogs.

    I bought 2 yoga books today and found a 15 minute beginner's program on tv this evening. I was able to do some pretty good stretching - I still have to keep my head still or my stitches throb - but it felt really nice. It's the perfect complement to my weight training, so I'm really hoping to get into it.

  8. Hi Candi!
    Nice to hear from you! No, I haven't tried the VwaV carrot cake yet - but I think it is one of the best looking recipes in there (and that says a lot!). I'm sure I'll try it one day, just waiting for the right opportunity.

    Hi Bazu!
    I'm glad you liked the cartoon. Hee hee. It makes me giggle just thinking about it.

    Hi VKO,
    I'm glad you checked out springsandwells. I just got that blog going again after a long break. It feels good to be back in the swing of things.

    Hi Mikaela,
    yeah! I love having a clean house and a clean kitchen. It's such a drag to eat dinner knowing that I have to get up afterwards and wash dishes. That's why I love things that bake - you can do the dishes while dinner gets ready.

    Hi Kati!
    I really have no idea how that carrot cake lasted so long in our freezer... I think it may have arrived around the holiday season, when I was all treated-out. :)

    Hi Scottish Vegan,
    I think the freezer trick is to have so many things crammed into your freezer that you have absolutely no idea what's in there! That's my technique, anyway!

    Hi Diann,
    how cool that you got some yoga books. Which ones are they? Even a little bit can really help - and it's a *great* compliment to weight training. Weight Training tends to build short muscle fibers (bulkier & better for explosive/jerky strength), while yoga builds long muscle fibers (longer and more flexible, better for duration/isometric strength). Interesting, huh? :)

  9. Anonymous3:40 AM

    Mmm, vegan carrot cake! i think i need to try to make one.


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