Saturday, August 04, 2007

Our Trip Part 1a: eating out in Boise

Hello Friends!
I am BACK! and I am READY to blog and cook and blog and cook and blog!
But first I have to catch up on the last many weeks!

Our first night in Boise we went to a nice place in downtown Boise called "Casbah" - a mediterranean place. The waitress was Iranian, so of course I was excited to talk with her (most of you know that I am a big Iranophile!). She helped me find some nice vegan options. This was the baba ghanoush. Usually the bread had butter on it, but they left it off for me.

I also had a big salad there - it had no lettuce - just loads of veggies!! It was delish. I got a side order of hummus and used that for dressing.

The next day we ate out at Whitewater Pizza & Pasta. Musty was crazy about his food - it was just pretty good for me. I had this mini pizza with no cheese. It had garlic, basil and tomatoes. Pretty good, but you know how it is... hungry an an hour later!

And then of course, we had brunch at Vicki's - now THAT'S a vegan meal! (Hi Vicki!)


  1. Cool eats in Boise! Everything looks so fresh, and I love big chopped salads like that. Mmmmm mmm.

  2. Hi Amey! Looking at your salad, I think I should eat at Casbah more often. Sorry about the lack of good restaurant eats here in Boise...

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    We were traveling through Boise & found the Casba... met Mehdi (sp?) who turned me on to the special house coffee... it's THE BEST coffee I've ever tasted... cardamon? honey?...
    I went back on my way through Boise. Mehdi is the sweetest!
    - Julia


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