Thursday, February 14, 2008

Valentine Cookies

Okay! I promise that I will make some real food... and quit it with all these cookies! Ha ha. I think I have been home for 12 days - and I have made 5 batches of cookies! This time around, I had Valentine's Day as an excuse.

Pretty much every single time I tell Musty that I am making cookies he says "Are you making SUGAR COOKIES???" Pretty much always, the answer is no. So, I got sneaky and decided to make him a little batch of his all-time-favorites for Valentine's Day. We aren't big-time celebrants of the holiday, but I can't resist recognizing my sweetie with some heart cookies.

I also made a big batch of the "Chewy Chocolate Raspberry Cookies" from Veganomicon. HELLO! Dang, these babies are out of this world. I freaking loved these, as did everyone who tried them. I saw on someone's blog that they thought the almond extract was a bit overwhelming, so I did 1.5 tsp vanilla and .5 almond extract. I thought they were perfect. I also accidentally used baking powder instead of baking soda, to no ill effect whatsoever. These cookies have a nice firm texture, but are deliciously chewy... like some sort of perfect little brownie puck. ooooh, I really loved 'em. We all did.

I made these for two reasons: to share with my grandpa on Valentine's Day, and to share with my yoga students. I love bringing cookies to class every once in a while... just to give people a happy little surprise after all that hard work. This year I really wanted to make a little treat for my grandpa, because this is his first Valentine's Day in 72 years without my grandma. Last time he didn't have a valentine, he was a freshman in college. Now, he is 91 years old. Isn't that amazing? So, after dinner, Musty and I went over to his house with some cookies. He was there with my aunt and her boyfriend, and my mom. It was fun little family time.

Whatever your take on Valentine's Day, I hope you had a nice day today!


  1. Anonymous5:48 AM

    Cookies are the only way to go on Valentine's Day!! Looks delicious. =)

  2. Those look wonderful, Amey! I think you should definitely bake cookies every other day.

  3. Yum yum; it's been cookie fest around here as well!

  4. Both sets of cookies look fantastic, but I especially want to try the Chocolate Raspberry one! Yum!! I don't even think I've noticed those in the book...

    As for the mac & cheeze comment on my blog, I totally agree that all vegan mac recipes are BLECH! EXCEPT--this one. No, it's not exactly like Kraft or Velveeta, but it's certainly delicious! It's really good in its own, creamy way. Let me know if you dare try it. :)

  5. How lovely that you shared those scrumptious cookies with loved ones and your yoga students. Hey, my grandfather is 91 too!! :0)

    I blogged about that "Chewy Chocolate Raspberry Cookies" recipe, except I made mine were "Chewy Chocolate ORANGE Cookies" (still divine - yum!). So glad that your Valentine's Day was enjoyable!

  6. It must be hard for your grandfather to face Valentine's Day without his wife. I'll bet your cookies made his day a little easier and definitely more enjoyable! Call me a sinner - I still have not made any cookies from Veganomicon. (Then again, I haven't made any cookies all semester - except for raw ones.) Your Chewy Chocolate Raspberry Cookies look so soft and fudgy and delicious! And I was never a fan of un-vegan sugar cookies, but I bet the vegan version is a thousand times better, judging on my first vegan cupcake experience (I had always hated un-vegan cupcakes, too). So nice of you to make Musty his favorite cookies!

  7. Like Musty, I love love love sugar cookies, and how sweet that you made them in little hearts! My take on Valentine's Day is that heart-shaped homemade desserts are the only good thing about the holiday :) And ooh, those V'con cookies are so yum! Celine made a batch for me once... Amazing!

  8. Rob always does the same thing- anytime I make cookies, he always asks if I'm making sugar cookies... Yours look great! The chocolate raspberry ones look yummy too!

  9. The cookies look so yummy and sweet. I thought I was the only one who thought sugar cookies were amazing!

    Happy Belated Valentine's Day. =)

  10. Anonymous8:43 AM

    I made the chewy chocolate raspberry cookies this weekend (with the almond extract modification) after seeing you post about them. They were very tasty indeed! Just got some demerrara sugar at the store yesterday so I can try the koala noses as well.

    :-) jen e.


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