Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Off Topic Blogging: Fur & Flowers

I am usually very good about staying on topic... but I got some really cute pictures of my doggies enjoying themselves in the sunny fields of wildflowers, and I just can't resist. Plus, a vegan blog can stand a few friendly fur faces every now and again, right? Afterall, it's the animals that inspired me to be vegan in the first place. :)

This is Stevie Wonder, and her giant spotted tongue, resting in on hilltop covered with lupin. People often ask us if she is blind, which she is not. We just both really love and admire Stevie Wonder, so we named our first dog after him. Even though she is a girl dog! It's okay, she really loves her name.

This is our second dog, Dottie Bonkers. She is very sweet, sometimes meek and shy... other times rowdy and rambunctious. She is also by far our most beautiful and photogenic doggie. I love this crazy picture of her running past me.

And this little squirt is our third dog, Snoopy Snoppy. He is tiny, cute as a button, and often quite naughty. You will remember him as the one who jumps up on the counter and steals food. He is always VERY good when we're around... it's just when we leave the house! Anyhow, here you see him posing with some glorious California Poppies. Good boy!

I didn't want to neglect Yummers, just since he doesn't go for walks with us. We recently rearranged our room so that our bed has sun on it in the morning, and I snapped this picture of Yummers enjoying the morning sun a few days ago. In fact, lately all FOUR furries have been gathering on the bed after breakfast for some snuggy time. It's so wonderful. Sorry I didn't make my bed for you folks... I just can't be bothered! :)

Back to food with the next post!


  1. give them some love for me!

  2. ahh!! Stevie Wonder, Dottie, and Snoopy Snoopy are TOO PRECIOUS!!! Love them :0)

  3. I'm so glad you stayed off topic for this post--your fur friends are too sweet!

    I love the landscape. I will be in San Francisco next week & I really want to get out & see the local wildflowers (kind of a hobby of mine)... so feel free to suggest where I should go! ;)

  4. Those are some super sweet furry friends! Thanks for the great pics!

  5. ooh, you should go off-topic more often- I love gratuitous cute animal shots! I especially feel familiar with the "cat chasing sunbeam" syndrome!

  6. Stevie Wonder looks so much like my Scout! Her hair is a little longer, but they both share those black coats, pointy ears, spotted tongues, and their faces look so much alike. Your other photos are really cute as well. Ahh...dog photo therapy.

  7. Anonymous5:55 PM

    Aww, what cuties! An off-topic dog and/or kitten post is always welcome in my book. :)

  8. Anonymous5:56 PM

    Interesting that they all have two names. Do you actually call them by both? (Most of the time? Sometimes?) The name Dottie Bonkers just tickles me. Maybe because my mom's name is Dottie.
    That really is some tongue on Stevie Wonder.

  9. Anonymous10:16 PM

    I love the pictures of the furries! I still can't get over how cute Snoppy is! Thank you for my b-day card and the cool pics. You are awesome!

    Love Carey :-)

  10. Anonymous4:46 AM

    When people ask you if Stevie Wonder is blind, you can tell them,
    "No, but he sings."

  11. Beautiful pets! And I love their names!

  12. an admirable diversion from food pics! they're too cute and the sunny day setting is the perfect backdrop to their happy puppiness.

  13. Wonderful pictures! They are all so cute :-)

  14. Super cute animals!
    And I tag you to post 5 things that most people don't know about you.

  15. I never make my bed either :-)

    They are all so adorable. You never have to apologize about posting them.


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