Friday, July 04, 2008

Fourth of July

I tell you what: I was SERIOUSLY excited to be at the farmers' market. I guess I was on some sort of binge purchasing expedition after 5 days of sub-par vegan subsistence eating in North Carolina last week (more on that in the next post). Plus, I had an empty fridge that needed to be filled. I've been shoving fruit in my face ever since - as fast as I can: cherries, strawberries, peaches, plums, nectarines, blueberries... who needs vegetables?! And all organic to boot!

Well, I'm not so crazy about nationalism, but I am crazy about a dinner theme. So I was cooking for my Grandpa tonight, and decided to go the traditional 4th of July route. In the end we ended up having a little party with my parents and a friend joining us for dinner as well.
Here's the plate: potato salad, corn & watermelon (both from the fammy! - that's my love name for the farmers' market), and Amy's California Burgers. Trying to push all the right 4th of July culinary buttons. All was delicious! I'm a half-bun person, when it comes to burgers, that is.

Just about the only potato salad I've ever really loved: it's from "Vegan Mediterranean Kitchen" by Donna Klein. It's so simple and so freakishly delicious.

I really embraced the holiday theme with dessert. Shortbread crust, vanilla pudding filling, topped with raspberries, blueberries, and strawberries. Those blueberries were grown by a family friend who I used to babysit! Now he's growing some super awesome organic blueberries that are *definitely* the best I've tasted. That's pretty rad.

also, isn't that a fun tart pan? One of the two new tart pans I bought last month in Fort Bragg.

One more glamour shot. Ooooh, yum!


  1. OMG I'm dead jealous on your stash of organic fresh produce!!

    Oh, the tart ... THE TART *swoon* so PRETTY!! I love the way you arranged your fruits, creative!!!

  2. Haha, when is the farmers' market NOT exciting?? ;0) Glad that you were able to make lots of delicious purchases.

    I agree with Cecilia - that tart is BEYOND gorgeous!!

  3. Hey, I was in NC last week too! It's funny how things differ though because NC was a big improvement for me coming from IL. But coming from CA, I can definitely see how you'd find it sub-par, especially if you weren't in a populated area.

    Anyway, your farmer's market haul is gorgeous!

  4. Amey! Hi! It's Taylor, Alan and Cindy's daughter. I have to admit, I googled you months ago, and found your awesome blog, though never got around to posting back. I wasn't sure how, honestly, but just figured it out.

    I can't believe how incredible your dishes are! You really seem to utilize a ton of ingredients! They look so tasty and fresh; it's really inspiring to get me up and cook something. IN FACT, I was watching a few vegan videos today, and I think it's something I'm going to do. Maybe start vegetarian to ease into it, but I really think I'll be happier for it. Not sure the socially appropriate length for these comments, but just wanted to share. :) I'd love to chat sometime, you can e-mail me at

    Hope you're doing well!!!

  5. What an awesome haul you got from the farmer's market- I'd kill to get the same! I only just got back home last night, so the fridge is depressingly empty... Oh, and that tart looks delicious, too!

  6. Anonymous9:35 AM

    Your tart! OMG. It's gorgeous and definitely fits the patriotic theme. What recipe did you use for the pudding? I've had luck with chocolate pudding before but not vanilla.

  7. I love fruit too! I could just eat it all day.
    But that tart looks fabulous! And so pretty!

  8. That's quite a bountiful booty load from the fammy there, sis-tah!!! And you sure have a talent of making desserts over-the-top beautiful -- the tart is so pretty and perfectly suited for the 4th.

  9. I;m not nationalistic, either--but I do love long weekends and your pretty tart.

  10. That may be the most beautiful tart I've ever seen!

  11. Oh, your tart is so pretty! What recipe did you use for the crust and for the pudding filling?

    That farmer's market spread is so colorful!

  12. Anonymous7:13 AM

    The potato salad looks phenomenal. I have to get the recipe. Your tart is pretty and it looks delicious.

  13. Woah, what a haul! How'd you carry it all around?

    The potato salad looks really tasty, and your tart is fantastic! Very nice job.

  14. Your tart is so patriotic and festive!


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