Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Cookin' For Baby

My dearly beloved friend JJTWH just had her first baby about 3 1/2 weeks ago. JJTWH and I share a passion for yummy food and in particular for the joys of the farmers' market... & I knew she'd be wanting to eat delicious and nutritious food after all the hard work of making and birthing a small human being!

So, I've been cooking up a few dishes for her and her super awesome husband and their wonderful little creation:
Here she is one week old, and already cute as a button.

This week I made them a big lasagna. Here it is pictured uncooked, so that they could cook it up fresh for themselves. My lasagna recipe is a big combination of the Green Goddess Puree from VwaV, the Pine Nut Cream from Vcon, the Ricotta from Voluptuous Vegan, and then whatever else I'm in the mood for. While I was at it, I made one for us too (of course!).

This week they also got a fresh batch of socca, a bag of "You Got Peanut Butter in My Chocolate Cookies!", and a loaf of artichoke bread (that was not homemade!).

This is the Apple Crumb Tart from "Modern Vegetarian Kitchen". It's a delicious dessert - light, easy, fruity, and a nice balance of textures. I had a giant bag of apples from my grandfather's ever-abundant garden to work with.

A GIGANTIC pot of Quinoa Vegetable soup from Real Food Daily. This made so much. I put a few quarts in the freezer for them, and put the rest in the fridge for them to finish off right away.

Brownies from the "Joy of Vegan Baking." I love this recipe. So moist and dense and 1 million percent chocolatey. JJTWH's husband is a major choco-freak, so I knew I needed to represent with something good! In fact, his brother is starting up a cool raw chocolate company: Fearless Chocolate.

A big beautiful delicious batch of Stir Fried Veggies from Real Food Daily. I had never before made this recipe, but I *really* recommend it. It's so flavorful, with a lovely sweet-savory Asian-inspired stir fry sauce.

To go along with their big batch of veggies, I made the "Confetti Jasmine Rice" from RFD - a really nice rice with corn, bell pepper, coconut, and almonds. very yummy.

It's so nice to cook for others... it's a great feeling to know that they are grooving on yummy, nutritious food when they need it most!


  1. I love cooking and baking for others, but I almost never get to anymore, except for the husband.

    that apple crumb tart is calling my name, as are the brownies. are they cakey or fudgey?

  2. Congratulations to your friend and her husband!! What a gorgeous little girl :0)

    I too love baking/cooking for others - it's one of the reasons why I love baking/cooking so much in the first place!!

  3. that's so awesome of you to make all those deliciousnesses for your friend and her family! wow! :) i love it alllllllllllll!

  4. Anonymous8:03 AM

    The lasagna looks incredible. I love what you can do with nut cheeses. I've been eating some raw food lately and love the raw nut cheese.

    All your food looks incredible.

    You are such a good friend. What a wonderful Auntie you will be to their sprout!

  5. You are the kind of friend I think we'd all love to have! That crumb topping is picture perfect.

  6. Anonymous10:26 AM

    Knowing how difficult it can be to even fit in a meal, let alone cook one, after having a baby, I can say with 100% certainty that your friends are loving all that food right now. What a great gift you have given them and their daughter is stunning!

  7. Everything looks so amazingly tasty. And the baby is divine.

    The lasagna looks uber tasty!

    You are obviously a super duper friend. :)

  8. That lasagna is making my mouth water! You mixed the three best recipes for that. Creative and delish!

    And the stir-fry is so pretty! So is the baby!

  9. WOW! I wish I had friends like you. That is amazing that you made all of that for them. I know they must have appreciated it so much. After my kids were born, I'd eat anything put in front of me, but what a treat those meals would have been!

  10. That lasagna! wowee wow wow! yum!
    Also, I tried Fearless Chocolate at Rainbow!

  11. Aw, what a cutie! And as to the food, wow, what a feast! It all looks wonderful... Your friend really is so lucky to have you. :)

  12. What a precious little one! Your food all looks fantastic! And that lasagna is huge!

    I didn't really care for the JOVB chocolate cake, but I LOVE all the RFD recipes.

  13. Every time I look at your blog I get hungry for healthy food. Thank you.

  14. Putting the green goddess puree in lasagna is genius! I'm going to have to try that. Also, I just got the RFD cookbook, and I'm super excited to try all of these yummy recipes.

  15. That is so nice of you to make all of that for friends! It all looks so fresh and delicious.

  16. Anonymous2:03 PM

    my aunt used to make a spinach lasagna that had a layer of alfredo sauce on top and it used to be my FAVORITE meal ever... your lasagna totally reminds me of that! i'll have to give that a try!


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