Monday, October 13, 2008

VeganMoFo: 3 Nights in a Row!

Oh sigh. Another picture of a big bowl of orange-y stuff. We've all seen it before.

But wait! It's really freaking delicious orange-y stuff! So delicious, in fact that it defied the odds. This soup magically accomplished two things that have never happened before:

1. Musty liked this soup so much that he cheerfully agreed to have the leftovers AGAIN the following night. Truly, Musty can rave and sing my praises for hours about some dinner I've made, and then the very next day refuse to eat that dish again. Drives me nuts!

2. Musty ate a dish with a sweet potato in it, and LOVED IT! mwahhhhahahaha! At last!

In fact, this soup was so good that I made it again tonight for my grandpa and my cousin Eliza who is in town. It's the "Butternut Squash with Crispy Shallots and Sage" from "Healthy Hedonist." Obviously, I like it. It's a deceptively simply recipe, with a big, interesting taste. The shallots and sage give some strong rich flavor into the sweet, creamy soup. Other than the 45 minutes that it takes to roast the butternut squash, the rest of the recipe takes 15 minutes. Right on, dude!


  1. So glad that the soup pleased EVERYONE!! :0)

  2. does look yum!

  3. I just bought an immersion blender for the soul purpose of cooking tons and tons of butternut squash soup. Looks like just what I've been picturing... and I even have that cookbook!

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  5. I just made some butternut squash soup yesterday, it's so delicious. Your recipe sounds a bit more complex than the one I made, it's amazing how good it is with such few ingredients.



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