Saturday, October 11, 2008

VeganMoFo: Exotic Produce Update

The mangosteens and rambutan are loooooong gone, but I knew they would be.

The best discovery of my exotic produce shopping trip? Calamansi Limes.
The biggest disappointment? Sweet Limes

Let's start with the bad news... those sweet limes were a real let down. I was so excited about the idea of a lime that you could peel and eat like an orange. I'm pretty sure that I just got crappy ones, because the ones I bought were totally and completely flavorless. Musty said, in a desperate attempt at salvaging our high hopes for the sweet lime, "It's like if water were a fruit!" Truly, they had no flavor. I'd be willing to try again, but I'd grill the vendor for a while first.

Now, the good news! A new favorite... the Calamansi limes. They are tiny, like marbles. The big ones are the size of shooting marbles, and the little ones are smaller. I bought a zip lock baggie full for only $2. At first they were almost all green. A week later, the last few have turned mostly orange. I did some Calamansi searches online and found that one of the most common uses is for a lemonade type drink.

Oooooh, it's GOOD. I used about 1 1/2 Tbsp Calamansi juice (you just juice 'em whole), 1 1/2 Tbsp agave, and filled the rest of my big glass with sparkling water. Apparently, it's also common to freeze the calamansi and use them as ice cubes. So, I did that. Oh, this soda is wonderful. The flavor is sweet and sour and bitter all at once. Distinctly citrusy, the calamansi limes have a flavor that combines lime and tangerine. The zippy bitter of citrus zest is strong in this soda, and it reminds me of the bitter soda I loved when I lived in Italy. It's really wonderful, such that I'm saving some seeds, and I'm gonna try to grow me a Calamansi lime tree one day!

Speaking of tiny citrus, and citrus trees... look what I found today:

A few months ago, we (aka Musty) replanted the meridian alongside our driveway. Anytime I see dirt, I see future-food-production. So we planted 3 citrus trees: Bearss lime, Trovita Orange, and Cara Cara Orange. The cara caras are my favorite! So, this morning I was out weeding... and noticed lots of blossoms on the Cara Cara tree. How exciting. But - lo! What's this?? Tiny little future oranges! See one on the bottom there? And an even tinier one to the right of the blossoms? So cool.


  1. The good news FAR outweighs the bad news, in this case!! :0)

  2. too bad about the first limes, but thanks for checking them out and letting us know to avoid them. :)

  3. Those Calamsie thingies sound intriguing - you actually made my mouth water with your description (and the photo aided and abetted you as well).
    And look at the baby Oranges cute!

  4. Ooh, so fun with the limes! I am SO coming to steal fruit from your tree! hahaha.


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