Friday, October 24, 2008

VeganMoFo: Good Eats

Here are some recent successes from the kitchen:

Mustard-Crusted Seitan from "Yellow Rose Recipes." I used the Chicken-style Cutlets recipe on her website, and had pretty good results, but not great. The seitan was a little spongy, but still salvagable. But it did make a heck of a lot - I think I've got another 12 cutlets in the freezer! These were battered and pan-fried and tasty. According to Musty, they tasted like pork chops, but I really wouldn't know. I truly have no idea what a pork chop is like.

It took me 2 million years, but I finally made the !!famous!! Julie Hasson sausages. Okay, why didn't anyone tell me how amazing these are?! Just kidding. Obviously the entire vegan blogosphere did nothing but talk about these and every possible variation for about 6 months staright. I'm just a slow learner. They are: 1. totally delicious 2. totally flavorful 3. perfectly textured (firm, but supple) 4. totally easy 5. totally freezable. Please, learn from my mistake. If you have not made these yet, you must stop procrastinating now!

These are the Stuffed Peppers from Deborah Madision's "Vegetarian Suppers" cookbook. I like this recipe - quick, easy, beautiful. They're stuffed with quinoa, spinach, corn, tofu ricotta, and spices... on a bed of caramelized onions. mmm.

"Marrakesh Minestrone" from "Healthy Hedonist." I loved this soup - it had the light palettable body of a minestrone soup with the ingredients and flavors of middle eastern foods: couscous, cilantro cream, garbanzos, tomatoes... I'll definitely make it again!

And finally, Gimme Chimmis from Dreena Burton, sorry I don't remember which book this is from. Whole wheat tortillas, stuffed full of a delicious & spicy bean & veggie filling, quickly pan-fried and baked. The only thing, I ended up with way more stuffing, so I just made extra chimmis and ate them as left overs. One real bonus of this recipe is that "Gimme Chimmis" turns out to be incredibly fun to say while you cook.


  1. Good Eats??? No, no, no - these are all GREAT Eats :-D

    I believe that the "Gimme Chimmis" recipe is from ED&BV.

  2. This is an especially tempting array! I would love to have the Marrakesh Minestrone recipe.

    XXOO Mom

  3. I can't even eat seitan and I love to make those sausages! I love your stuffed peppers. Good eats indeed.

  4. All your food is simply amazing!!
    So colourful and delicious looking!

  5. Hey , first time on your blog :))

    Well...everything looks delicious!! Great meals and ideas :D

    If yo have time pls visit me on my blog =))

    Enjoy the day!!

  6. We love those sausages! I used to make a bunch twice a month, so we'd always have them for quick meals. Those stuffed peppers look especially good!

  7. Oooh, everything looks fabulous, but especially the seitan! I have been majorly jonesing for some mustard lately... yum!

  8. It took me awhile to try Julie's sausages too and I was so glad when I did finally make them. They are on the regular menu for us now!

    I had the same result with the seitan from YRR... but I do like the mustard crust recipe.

  9. Gimme Chimmis is such a cute name. The look so good. I LOVE mexican food so much.

    The rest of the food is really awesome, too. Looks like you've been eating really well. YUM!!!


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