Saturday, February 14, 2009

A Family Full Of Valentines

Well Bloggie Friends,
It hasn't been the easiest week. On Monday morning, my beloved Grandpa fell and broke his hip. They gave him a partial hip replacement, and he's been in the hospital all week, and we've all been taking shifts to be there with him 24 hours a day. It was clear pretty quickly that he'd be okay, but it's still been a long and busy week.

My grandpa is 92, but he's really tough, and up until Monday, he's been going to the gym 3 days a week. The doctors and physical therapists have been really amazed by his recovery. Still, it's a long road ahead of him, so please send him some good thoughts! He is such a special person.

And... tonight, after 6 days in the hospital, he came home! Our whole family gathered at his house for a Valentine's Day dinner. We were celebrating our love for each other and our health, and especially my sweet grandpa's return home.

I made a huge batch of stuffed shells for the family dinner. Stuffed shells are the way to go. They are easier to fill than manicotti tubes, and less work than lasagna, but just as delicious. I cooked up a nice filling of caramelized onions and mushrooms with a little white wine, then I added 2 lbs of fresh spinach which I'd wilted down and chopped up, & a big double batch of tofu ricotta. You really can't go wrong with a dinner like this - everyone loved it!

For dessert I made Valentine Brownies! Yumola!

I know it's pretty nerdy to spend Valentine's Evening with your whole family, but there you have it! I'm so lucky to have such a super awesome boyfriend that he happily came along and enjoyed the evening with us all. Maybe not the traditional thing to do, but we're all happy. Thanks for being a great Valentine, Musty! You are the best!


  1. It is SO not nerdy to spend v-day with your family! In fact, I think it sounds just perfect.

    I'm so sorry your grandfather got hurt, but it sounds like he is doing well. I hope he continues to recover quickly. He is lucky to have such a loving and supportive bunch of people around him.

    Those stuffed shells are beautiful! What a nice meal. And I would love to taste those decadent looking brownies.

  2. Anonymous5:08 AM

    Hope your Grandpa feels better soon!

    Your Valentine meal and treats look yummy! I don't know if I'd have the patience to pipe sayings on browie bits, but it's soooooooo cute! :)

  3. Anonymous6:30 AM

    Oh Amey I'm so sorry about your grandfather. How terrible, especially since he's so active. I'm wishing him a continued strong recovery and I'm sure he'll be fine with such a supportive family to stand behind him!

  4. im so sorry to hear about your grandpa... ill def send out some positive energy for him!!!!!

  5. Hey Honeybear, I love you! xo xo xo...smooth! :)

  6. I am sending positive thoughts your grandpa's way. I hope he has a very speedy recovery!

    Those brownies are so cute! And I LOVE stuffed shells!!!

  7. looking great!!! I have some big shells i need to use up, thanks for the inspiration.

    Sorry about your grandpa, mine got his replaced too. well both of my grandfathers actually. He will be fine. and he is so mobile already!! thats great!

  8. Hi Amey,

    I'm thinking of your grandpa and hope he continues to get stronger and stonger! Those yummy dinners sure will help :)


  9. Anonymous2:30 PM

    There's nothing better than that tofu ricotta recipe!

  10. hi amey,
    so very sorry to hear your special gramper got injured. hooray that he is in such good health and will recover. i agree with you on the stuffed shells, it's a go-to for feeding omnivores everytime and your brownies are darlin'.

  11. those brownies are adorable. i love that candy hearts are so traditional for v-day but they are really gross. glad you made a yummier version :)

    best of luck to your grandpa--he's in my thoughts.

  12. Sorry to hear about your grandpa, glad he's doing better though!

    The brownies are adorable. I'm so impressed with your writing on them. I am so bad at writing on baked goods!!

  13. I'm late coming to this email (soooo behind on my reader!), but I'm still sending good wishes your grandpa's way for a MORE speedy recovery! He sounds amazing (gym 3 times a week??). I think it's wonderful that you all spent V-Day together. And those brownies look fantastic, too. :)

  14. I'm late coming to this email (soooo behind on my reader!), but I'm still sending good wishes your grandpa's way for a MORE speedy recovery! He sounds amazing (gym 3 times a week??). I think it's wonderful that you all spent V-Day together. And those brownies look fantastic, too. :)

  15. Karen7:32 AM

    Definitely not nerdy. Your family's closeness is a beautiful thing to read about in your blog.

  16. I can't think of a better way to spend Valentine's day! I consider myself very luck to have a family I like spending time with and I know you do, as well! Healing energy is heading towards your grandpa! i hope he has a speedy recovery!

  17. I am so sorry about your grandpa. He sounds like real trooper! Here's to a speedy recovery and lots of family love!

    Your brownies with the Valentine's messages on top look delicious and adorable!

  18. I am sending good thoughts your way for your grandfather. I hope he is doing better today! Your dinner with your family sounds and looks so good. I hope you had a nice evening with all of them.

  19. Anonymous7:14 PM

    the brownies look delicious!

  20. I don't think it's nerdy to spend Love Day with your family. We did the same thing here.
    I agree with the stuffed shells, easier to stuff than manicotti and less work than lasagna. I make them often.

  21. I think that sounds like a perfect Valentine's ... you were with all the people you love!

    So very sorry to hear about your grandpa. Sounds like he is a strong person though, so with a wonderful family like yours, I'm sure he'll get through it. I'll keep him in my thoughts.

  22. I'm so sad that your sweet grandpa broke his hip. He is very lucky, and I'm sure it's due to his exercise, to be home after such a short stay in the hospital. I think a family Valentine's Day celebration is a perfect way to celebrate. Those brownies sure look yummy!

  23. Ooh, I'm glad Grandpa is OK! I think a family Valentines is lovely, especially with all that great food!


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