Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Drunch: Brunch for Dinner!

Breakfast + Lunch = Brunch
Brunch for Dinner = Drunch!

Well, I got my grubby little paws on Isa's new book, "Vegan Brunch," and got right to work.

First up, I made the omlets, with roasted asparagus. Yumola! I got to put my fancy new black salt to use, and that stuff is really crazy. It's mined from the earth, not the sea, and is actually pinkish instead of black. And it really does smell like eggs. Weird! These omlets were easy and delicious and filling. Don't they look totally perfect?! Of course, I am a crazy freak for roasted asparagus, so I hardly even glanced at the other suggested fillings.

The next night we had the Raised Waffles with strawberries and raspberries in the batter. These were so unbelievably good. Mr. Vegan Eats & Treats declared them The Best Waffles He's Ever Had, and has been asking for a repeat performance every since. That should be easy to arrange. I used half whole wheat pastry flour, because I am that way, and they were totally delicious. I definitely recommend this recipe!

Because I am a grown up, I am allowed to make myself waffles for dinner whenever I please. However, also because I am a grown up, I feel compelled to make a veggie along with my waffles. So I whipped up a double batch of her Chorizo sausages and made a big bunch of garlickly spinach. A delicious combo! Only later did I see that there is actually a recipe in the book for Greens and Sausage, although Isa suggests using collards rather than spinach. It was a delicious dinner.

Next up, the Puttanesca Tofu Scramble... I'll keep you posted!


  1. Anonymous10:29 AM

    You suck..

    JUST KIDDING, it's just that I don't have that book yet and I am desperate to get it haha!

  2. Drunch, love it. Definitely one of the perks of being an adult!

    Aren't those omelets awesome?!? They were the first things I made too. I didn't use black salt (need to get over to penzey's to find it), but next time...

    Oh and those waffles look so good! I would have never thought of adding yeast to waffles, but I trust Isa and you, and I'm sure I'll love them.


  3. Wow, you have really done that book justice; it all looks wonderful - great presentation!

  4. Glad to know that the omelets are as good ad they looked - I have those on my "to make" list! Same with puttanesa scramble, it sounds delish! I love love LOVED the chorizo!

  5. Yea for Vegan Brunch! I can't wait to try those omelettes. I made the Chocolate Beer Waffles for breakfast, and they were damn tasty. Except my stupid waffle iron is apparently giving out on me and now refuses to make a crispy waffle. I had to freeze and pop them in the toaster to achieve a decent level of crispiness.

  6. Anonymous3:40 PM

    Oh man, that asparagus omelet was the first thing that caught my eye in Vegan Brunch, but I don't yet have the black salt. Your first dishes cooked from there all look delicious!!

    Ha ha, those are exactly my waffles-for-dinner guidelines as well :-)

    Looking forward to more from Vegan Brunch. I made the chard frittata which turned out well (added some kalamata olives and a little hot sauce).

    jen e.

  7. Everything looks awesome! I made the chorizo sausages and although I can't eat them, they smelled so good. And I can't wait to make the raised waffles. I'll make mine for drunch too!

  8. My copy arrived today and everything looks incredible! Good idea to start with omelets and waffles. :)

  9. Brunch Madness!!! It all looks oh so good! Love the omelets. Wow!

  10. Ooh, I want waffles for dinner! The greens & sausage dish is great & totally works with other greens!

  11. Anonymous2:47 PM

    Hahaha...we always called breakfast for dinner Brinner! Whatever it is, yours looks great!


  12. your omelets look PERFECT! drunch! i love it!

  13. Everything looks delicious! Can't wait for the tofu scramble!

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  15. I think I'm going to make the omelet first too when I finally get my copy! It looks so good. And the waffles, oh my! I'm like you concerning breakfast for dinner, and I think it's funny. When I had breakfast for dinner as a kid I was quite content with pancakes and fruit. Now I feel compelled to include at least something green with every lunch and dinner. Adulthood! Gah.


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