Friday, June 26, 2009

Foodie Gifts From Italy

Mr. Vegan Eats & Treats just got back from a trip to Europe, and brought me home a few delicious vegan goodies. He knows the way to my heart! (Of course, I printed out a list of all the products I was wishing for, and a list of all the natural food stores in every city he was planning to visit, and mapped out all the stores for him on google maps... hint hint! No points for subtlety on my part!)

I am totally crazy for these little Crostatine treats from Italy. Why haven't I ever found anything like these in the states?! I think I've tried 3 or 4 brands from Italy and I always love them so much. I had to take this picture today, because I don't think there will be anymore left by tomorrow.

I said "Oh my god, these are so yummy! Why didn't you buy SIX packages of these and bring them all home to me!?!" Then he gets all stunned looking, and says "I DID buy six... but I ate 5 packages of them!" ACK! Well, at least I got one package out of him. They really are a simple little treat, almost like a crispy mild cookie crust with a thin, chewy layer of jam. I'm not sure why I'm so crazy about them, but I really am. I especially love the apricot and berry flavors. Apparently the blueberry ones were "way better," but those ones didn't make it home! ha ha.

He also brought home a jar of Chocoreale - amazing! It's like Nutella, but vegan, and without the hazelnut flavor. So creamy and good. The texture is thick but spreadable, like creamy peanut butter. The flavor has a great chocolate balance - almost more like milk chocolate than dark chocolate. It's not too powerful, but not wimpy either. We tried it straight out of the jar with a spoon, but next up I am planning to make crepes and smother them in Chocoreale. I"m pretty sure that will be great.

Also, some veggie pates (plain, shiitake, and provencal)... I tried the original one and can't say I loved it too much, but I haven't tried these two flavors yet, so maybe I"ll have a change of heart. The plain one didn't have too much flavor at all... just seemed sorta thick and fatty, too mild for my tastes. But I haven't given up on them all yet.


  1. What a sweet husband you have!

    I really want that chocorele...mmm!!

  2. mm yum, i love chocoreale, it rocks.

  3. Oooh, I really want to try Chocoreale!

  4. Wow, you're so lucky! Everything looks so yummy and how fun to try new things! :-)

  5. Hi Amey, I'm from Italy, and often read your blog. I know the Crostatine you pictured very well. If you're interested, I'd be super happy to make a "vegan food swap" and send you some treats like that. Just let me know what you'd like (sweets & treats, cereals, etc.) and I'll find a nice assortment.
    Greetings from Rome,

  6. Ciao Francesca!!!
    Quanto mi piacerebbe fare un "swap" con te! What fun! Scriviamoci con email: ameyfm @ yahoo . com (senza gli spazii, ovviamente!).

    a presto,


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