Thursday, July 09, 2009

Father's Day Feast

So, it was a couple of weeks ago... but better late than never, right?

Even though my dad couldn't think of anything in particular to request, I know he loves Bruschetta... and with fresh tomatoes at the farmers' market, I couldn't resist. Alongside the bruschetta is some Grilled Herb Tofu (from Real Food Daily), one of my favorite ways to eat tofu of all time. It was a great combo.

I first learned about Bruschetta when I was 18. We had an Italian exchange student the previous year, and I went to visit her and another girl I had met through the program. Here is how Veronica and her father taught me to make bruschetta:

Good bread, toasted or grilled
A big clove of garlic
Olive oil
Fresh tomatoes, chopped up 1/2 inch dice (seeded if you are not too lazy)
Fresh basil, chiffonaded

Take your slices of toasty bread, and rub them on one side with the fresh garlic clove. It has to be crispy enough that it "grabs" the garlic... almost like a zester would. Brush or drizzle on some olive oil (good stuff, y'know). Mix your tomatoes and garlic together in a big bowl. Heap them onto your bread slices. Eat. Yum!

Grilled Veggies are another of my dad's favorite summertime foods... simple and delicious. I used a very simple marinade: a bit of olive oil, balsamic vinegar, garlic, salt and pepper.

Fresh corn, of course. Still steamy hot! Totally perfect as is.

For dessert, I made the blueberry nectarine crisp from "Fresh Food Fast." I lightened up a bit on the topping, on the sugar, and on the oil, and it was totally fantastic. When you have such decadent fresh fruit from the farmers market you really don't need so much sugar. This was such a lovely and super tasty summery dessert!

Unrelated, but cute: I leave you with this picture of Snoopy sitting on my bum while I read my Yoga Sutras books. Such a cutie pie! After we snapped this picture, he just settled down and took a nap. :)


  1. I recently discovered the amazingness that is bruschetta. Your dad was lucky to have such an amazing meal!

    Cute pic of you and Snoopy :-)

  2. Your bruschetta looks delicious-- and great grill marks on that tofu, too!

    You and Snoopy look very comfy!

  3. Anonymous2:04 PM

    bruschetta is totally one of my top ten favorite foods:) i love it with a ton of olive oil too but that's just me;)

    snoopy is so cute and he obviously found the comfiest spot to hang out!

  4. Your dad was very lucky, that looks like a great meal. I love bruschetta!

    Snoopy is such a cutie! Maybe he wanted a peek at your yoga book?

  5. aww, your dad is so lucky to have a fabulous cook in the family!! you made all of his favorites, that's really sweet. everything looks so good. and what says father's day like grilling and summery foods. um, corn and nectarines. two of my favorite words (and foods).

  6. Oooh corn on the cob is one of my all time favourite foods! What a cute pic of your dog :)

  7. Anonymous6:36 AM

    Everything looks great esp that bruchetta which I have not tasted in years.What a great fathers day meal.
    I did not learn about bruchetta at all a funny story is that I use to put tomatoes oil and garlic and some basil and I told my friends it was tomato bread and they loved it. I never knew there was a real dish out there like that until I entered the blogging world.

  8. Mmmm...I love bruschetta. My friends and I sometimes add diced avocado on top as well.

    The grilled tofu and veggies are sooo makin' me wish I had a grill. Sigh.

  9. Everything looks wonderful. Bruschetta so simple to make although it tastes like so much work.

  10. Looks like an awesome feast! Bruschetta is so good, one of my all-time favorite foods. Such a cute picture! :-)

  11. Fresh tomatoes and corn are so good together. And crisps and ice cream! Great meal you put together for dad.

  12. What a cute pic of you and Snoopy :-)

  13. Bruschetta is one of my favorite things in the world...I always add a ton of fresh basil! Everything looks fabulous!

  14. Ahh..the joy of fresh summer food!!!
    I like your take on bruschetta - those tomatoes look lovely.

    Thanks for the post!!!


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