Saturday, October 17, 2009

VeganMoFo 17: My Favorite Foodie Songs!

Usually, when I'm in the kitchen, I've got the radio tuned to NPR... but sometimes I just don't feel like cooking to "Marketplace," ya know? So, I've compiled some of my person favorite songs about food. Sorry for the long download, but I promise these are great songs!

Hank Williams: Hey Good Lookin'
Truly a classic... one of the all time best kitchen songs. Whatcha got cookin'?

Johnny Cash: While I've Got it on My Mind
I LOVE this sweet and romantic song. I like to listen to it when I make jam.

Lyle Lovett: Church
Everyone was gettin' so hungry!

Kate Bush : Eat the Music
Click on the link to watch this video...
This song is possibly my favorite Kate Bush song.

Louis Jordan: Beans and Cornbread
I'll be ready tomorrow night!
I sing this song ALL THE TIME. It is one of my favorite
songs ever, and this video is extra fun.

Louis Jordan: Two Little Squirrels
This is Mr. VE&Ts & my official song. It is so sweet and
funny and romantic. Not really great dancing, but MAN,
what a great song!!

Louis Prima: Angelina
I eat the antipasto twice, just because she is so nice!
I dare you not to smile when you listen to this one.

Big Rock Candy Mountain
It sounds like such a lovely place: The lemonade
springs where the blue bird sings

Cookie Monster: C is for Cookie
No foodie song list would be complete without
Mr. C. Monster.

Texas Tornados: Guacamole
No video available, buy you can listen to it here:
A sexy romp through the grocery market: We'd be makin'
guacamole all night long!

Under the Mango Tree
This one is a fairly recent favorite... discovered while
watching "Dr. No" (highly recommended)
- so insanely weird and addictive!

Any other great songs I missed?


  1. Anonymous12:02 AM

    I was just thinking about making a post about cook-a-long songs this morning! I hear many of your selections while I'm at work (cooking). Great idea ;-)

  2. too cute! thanks for sharing..
    Debra @ Vegan Family Style

  3. I love your song is inspiring me to make a cooking playlist. Miss you and your delicious vegan cookin'!

  4. Anonymous1:18 PM

    I usually listen to NPR too :-) And the Cookie Monster song? A classic--I can't think of it without smiling!


  5. And I'll join in matrimony with the girl who serves spumoni, and Angelina will be mine!

    One of my favorite songs ever. Will be played at my wedding, without a doubt. :D

  6. TRULY OUTSTANDING selection!! You're on a roll this month, dearie.


    i had such fun with you and team vegan santa cruz today! now i'm going to listen to all of your cooking songs while i finish my paper. you're the best!


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