Saturday, October 31, 2009

VeganMoFo 31: Spooky Self Portrait Pumpkin

I've had my extra spooky halloween costume on for a few days now... it's called Person-With-Poison-Oak-All-Over-Their-Face:

Aaaauuuuuggh! Scary! Run and Hide! Even in my misery, it is so ridiculously weird looking, I couldn't help laughing. Even the bridge of my nose pretty much disappeared.

Just for reference, here is what I usually look like. (also, look how much my hair has grown in 5 weeks!)

This poison oak thing really put the beat-down on my usually festive holiday spirit. So, instead of gingerbread men decorated like skeletons and countless other exciting plans... I give you my puffy poison oak face self-portrait Jack O Lantern. Don't we look cute together?

Here are all my pumpkins for this year. The little one was so cute... like a little orphan who needed a good home... and the creepy Bat Boy one was something I painted at my nephew's birthday party, where one of our activities for the kiddos was pumpkin painting. So, now they're on the front porch, inviting the little ones to come knock on our door, so I can terrify them all with red and swollen face! Mwahahahaha!

Happy End Of VeganMoFo! I discovered so many great vegan blogs this month, and there are so many posts to read and catch up on. What fun!


  1. Sorry to hear about the poison ivy; I wish a speedy recovery.

    The pumpkins are adorable.

  2. Oh nooooo! Hope it clears up soon! And you and your pumpkin are adorable together!

  3. you are a gem. a gem!!

    the picture with the pumpkin is crazy, how is the couch sleeping going?


  4. Wow, that looks uncomfortable! I hope you are all better soon!!!

  5. Ouch, I am so sorry! A friend of mine once told my about this mean tree (I am glad we don't have them here in Germany). Feel beeter soon ans Happy Halloween.

  6. Anonymous3:52 AM

    hope you fee better :)

    aww I love the pumpkins!!

  7. Wow, that poison oak must be some horrible stuff! Hope it's all gone by now. The pumpkin looked cute that way, anyway! ;)

  8. I can sympathize- I have some sort of rash all over my neck that has swelled up. I am miserable..
    Debra @ Vegan Family Style

  9. Anonymous3:05 PM

    Eek! That's way worse than the time I sat on stinging nettles while peeing in the woods. I still think you make a lovely couple with your pumpkin :) Feel better soon!

  10. Oh Amey, I hardly recognize you - that's some crazy poison oak! It's been so many years since I've had to worry about poison oak that I forgot to watch for it while walking up in Nicene Marks, until I almost fell in it! Hope you're all cleared up and feeling better soon :(

  11. Awwww, you poor thing!

  12. OMG, girl! You are brave. I can't imagine!


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