Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Freezer Full of Carbs

I am like a little squirrel, tucking away food for the cold winter ahead. In addition to canning tomatoes and jarring pickles and freezing corn kernels, I have also been packing the freezer full of carby-goodness. I can hardly fit much more in there, but you can be sure I'll try.

First I made a quadruple batch of pesto. That was very satisfying. We found a farmer at the market selling 3 huge bunches of organic basil all for only $2.50. Clearly, it was pesto time! Armed with a mighty supply of pesto, I made a double batch (8 bagels) of Pesto Bagels from 500 Vegan Recipes. There are many lovable things about my special Mr. Vegan Eats & Treats, but there is a dark side too: Mr VE&T does not like pesto. Also, he does not like kale. Somehow, I have managed to stay together with him for all these years despite this great lack in his moral character. When I saw this bagel recipe, I immediately realized that this would be a wonderful way for me to get my pesto fix and leave the mister out of it all together. They are just perfect! Cut in half, packed up, and squeezed into the freezer.

Next, I made a double batch (16 bagels) of the Pumpkin Bagels from 500 Vegan Recipes... except, as always, I used cooked-down persimmon and added raisins and pecans. YUM. I cut them all in half and put them into two big bags and wedged them into the freezer.

Then I made a double batch of the World's Most Bestest Seitan Ever, which also goes by Steamed White Seitan from Viva Vegan. Seriously, I love this recipe. So, I made a bunch, which came out perfectly - as always! After eating one little loaf for lunch, and setting a couple aside for an upcoming dinner, I packed up the others and popped them in the freezer.

Then, my little nephew (Hey, dude!) came over for a sleep over. We have a tradition about always having a special breakfast and this time he picked waffles. I made my most favorite waffle recipe: Raised Waffles from Vegan Brunch. Always delicious... light and crispy and full of flavor. Also convenient because I can make the batter the night before after the little guy has gone to bed, and then it's all ready in the morning. Just the three of us couldn't (or at least, didn't) eat a whole batch. So, I took the remaining 6 waffles, put them in a nice little baggie and hunted down the last few available inches of real estate in my freezer.

Lest you grow concerned... the breakfast table with my little nephew also included this huge platter of strawberries and watermelons. :)


  1. That's my favorite seitan too!

    You are such an inspiration, Amey! I need to can SOMETHING before the season is over so I can finally get my canning feet wet. ;3

  2. Those bagels sound great. I have that cookbook. Will have to give it a try. I love pesto.

  3. Anonymous10:55 AM

    Looks like you have been quite busy in the kitchen! I was glad to read your positive review of the raised waffles from Vegan Brunch. They are on my list to make for dinner this week.

  4. If your freezer gets too full, and you need help with the contents, my eating services are available. Just sayin'...

  5. You must have the world's biggest freezer! No way I could fit all that in mine, but I have to share my space with the meat-eating boyfriend and all his dumb frozen chicken strips and fish sticks (yuck!). Those seitan loaves are so cute! I just love seitan.

  6. What an impressive stash!

  7. Damn, I need to get better about this. Then again, I just have an ice box in Vienna!

  8. your freezer sounds like mine...that's why I can't loose a pound...those bagels are slamming!

    GOOD STUFF!!!!

  9. Anonymous8:13 PM

    I second Erin. The bagels look great. I haven't had them for years.
    There are benefits to a full freezer including that it reduces the amount of energy needed to run the refrigerator due to the thermal mass of all the frozen contents.


  10. Thank you so much for sharing these pictures and expliaining the cookbooks you are using ! Thanks to your reviews I purchased Vegan Brunch and absolutely love it !

    I am wondering if your beautiful seitan pillows are actually the Steamed white seitan from Viva Vegan ?

  11. It must be great to know you have a freezer full of awesome food! The bagels look SO good!


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