Sunday, November 21, 2010

BonusMoFo: Dinner from Yemen? Yeah, man!

Another quick little BonusMoFo, before we leave the Middle East and head off on our journey to new and exciting destinations...

Did you happen to see these pictures from the New York Times Magazine article on Yemen? They were so beautiful, so enchanting... Even though the article went on to describe Yemen as a very unstable place, I can't deny that those pictures really, really made me want to go to Yemen. It just looks so, so beautiful. Maybe someday...

In the meantime, I'll have to settle for cooking up Yemeni food for dinner:

Yemenite Lentil Dip, from Olive Trees & Honey. Sort of like a lemony, lentil-version of hummus. Verdict: super yum. Thick and hearty, but somehow not at all heavy.

Yemenite Pan Barley Bread from Silk Road Cooking. These little breads came together quickly and were very nice indeed. It think it's the barley flour that gives them a slightly nutty, slightly dense quality. Their earthy substantial-ness was really great with the lemony dip. We slathered on the dip quite generously, and got a perfect little dinner for two out of this (plus a huge bowl of broccoli... but I didn't think that was authentically Yemeni, so I left it out of the photos).

Now, back to dreaming about the beauty of Yemen. Go click on that link, the pictures are so breathtaking.


  1. Sarah C.1:15 PM

    I love the framing device you're using for this mofo! I almost wish everyone were doing around the world in food, I'm enjoying it so much! And these bonus posts are fun and cute. Thanks for all the work you did for the enjoyment of the readers (and for the enjoyment of your belly, of course!).

  2. wow, you're killing this mofo thing!=)

  3. Amey, this looks like an amazing meal. However, whenever I hear Yemen I immediately think of Chandler from Friends who pretended he had to break up with this girlfriend because he was moving to Yemen. Maybe if she knew how delicious the cuisine was she would have tagged along.

  4. Gorgeous as ever! Can you please keep doing MoFo forever? So much beautiful delicious food.

  5. I'm so behind on your MoFo posts. All of them look amazing, but this one especially calls to me!


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