Saturday, November 20, 2010

BonusMoFo! A Quickie in Portland

MoFo Bonus post! That's right, folks, we're in Vegan Mecca - aka: Portland, Oregon!

Since I had to fly in and out of Portland on my way to visit my great aunt Tashie, I arranged for a quick, but wonderful, visit with my PDX friends Kittee and Sandy. See our happy faces glowing with friend-love??

You gotta make the most of these visits, so we met up at Back to Eden bakery. Back to Eden is an all-vegan, largely gluten-free bakery that also has candies, vegan cookbooks, soft serve, tea and coffee. It is a magical place. I love it so much. Even though I wish I lived right next door, it is probably just as well that I don't. Seriously the stuff here is a-mazing. Here's Kittee noshing on a gluten free Chocolate-Toffee Bar.

Kittee and Sandy have been telling me, for months now, about the glory of BtE's cheezecakes. I have to admit, I was skeptical. I've had some pretty lame-o vegan cheezecakes, and I had pretty much written them off for good. But Kittee and Sandy pretty much know what they're talking about, so I was interested. When we arrived, it was still morning, and I was more in a muffin mood than a cheezecake mood, but luckily for me, my loving friends talked some sense into me. Sandy and I each got a piece of marionberry cheezecake. OH EM GEE. Amazement! Amazeballs! This cheezecake is totally freaking incredible. It has that perfect tartness that a cheesecake should have... it's light and fluffy and just about heaven on a plate. Plus, they change their flavor every day, and I was very stoked to arrive on Marionberry day. I pretty much LOVE all things blackberry. This cheezecake alone is pretty much worth the cost of your plane ticket to Portland.

But, since I'm no dummy, I also stocked up on goodies to share with Tashie over the long weekend. A lemon custard turnover, a marionberry-spice muffin, and a cherry-almond scone. I don't really need to tell you again how delicious these all were, do I?

Plus, my excellent friends showered me with culinary goodies from Portland. Sandy brought along not-one-but-two loaves of Dave's Killer Bread, lovingly wrapped and decorated! Kittee brought me a Mondo Bag of bulk Soy Curls and a package of Freddy Guy's Roasted Hazelnuts (which we are still enjoying). Thank you Kittee & Sandy!!!!

After all that noshing, we went for a little neighborhood stroll. Of course, Mr. Vee came along too.

Then, on my way back into Portland, there was time for a quick visit with some Portland cousins before heading to the airport. My cousin Eliza runs a very nice B&B up in Victoria BC, and she was saying that it has been hard to make good gluten-free baked goodies. Well! I insisted (selflessly), that we drop by Back to Eden once more, so that she could see just how incredible vegan + gluten-free really can be. We picked up a Chocolate-Toffee Bar, a Lemon Lime Cupcake, and a Maple Pecan Muffin to share for our family visit. Incredible!!!


  1. Kittee and cheesecake! Best day ever, right?

  2. we are so cute! and cute things to stuff in our mouths! and vee!! vee is cute.


  3. Wow that cheezecake looks incredible and I was never even a fan of cheesecake in my pre vegan days. I love anything with blackberries! Especially blackberries! I had been meaning to comment for days as well that I am loving your MoFo postings. They are so exciting and each day I can't wait to see what is next!

  4. Looks like so much fun and deliciousness! The cheesecake does sound incredible.


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