Tuesday, November 30, 2010

VeganMoFo: Come with me to the South Pacific!

Hoorah! Can't you just hear the waves lapping on the shore of the island? We've come to the end of our Around-The-World-in-30-Days journey, and landed in South Pacific / Polynesia for some recipe inspiration. I wanted to make sure to touch down in most parts of the world, and it would be crazy to skip this enchanting little paradise.

Most of the dinner recipes I found from Polynesian countries had to do with either raw fish or goat meat. Hmmm... hard to veganize. But! All the desserts were mostly just tropical fruit goodies... so I decided to go that route.

I made Tahitian Poe... a banana "pudding," which was dense like bread pudding and tasted like pure bananas. The texture was maybe a tad too dense, so I think I'd probably reduce the arrowroot by a touch next time... but the flavor was really gorgeous. And on top is a glob of coconut cream and a sprinkle of brown sugar. Mmmmm. Nothing personal against my poe, but I'm pretty sure that an old piece of cardboard would taste good with a dollop of coconut cream and a sprinkle of brown sugar! (ps. How funny, but Mandee also made a poe batch... they look identical!)

I was having trouble picking, so I also made a delicious watermelon drink from Tonga called Otai. Mmmmmmmmm! I will definitely make this again... once watermelon season returns to us again. It's got watermelon, crushed pineapple, coconut... man, it was good! It was refreshing and filling and healthy and hearty, somehow all those things at once!

One thing about this global eating we've done... is that I ended up buying things like bananas and canned pineapple, which I'm just not used to. I did my best to stick to local and seasonal ingredients, but it didn't always work out that way. I have really loved discovering so many new flavors and recipes, and I'm also eager to explore recipes from all the many, many countries that I couldn't squeeze in this month. I'm pretty sure that "Where in the World is Vegan Eats and Treats?" will become a regular feature on my blog... there are so many more cuisines to explore!
It's been great traveling with all of you, thanks for coming along, and thanks for reading!

Come back for one more special home-again, home-again post tomorrow!


  1. Thank you for a brilliant series of posts! I have loved every minute of your around the world adventures and can't wait to see more. Your pictures are lovely too!

    Definitely my favourite MOFO series :D

  2. I am going to miss your around the world posts, my absolute favorite MoFo theme of all!

  3. I've loved your MoFo'ing sooooo much - definitely the best MoFo posts 2010.

  4. Bummer!! Your blog has become my favorite. I will continue to read, even though you are no longer "traveling the world."

    I hope you keep up the drawings. I love them!!

  5. I think my favorite part of your MoFo posts have really been your drawings. They are just adorable!

  6. Those desserts look beautiful, especially the watermelon drink!

    I tuned in a little late, but I've enjoyed your MoFo travels immensely; so much great food and fun posts! Keeping the "Where in the World" theme as a regular feature is a great idea.

    I love your drawings too! Your family look great in their hulas, and I'm truly charmed by that little dancing pineapple!

    Thanks for all the MoFo fun and food!

  7. I love all of your little drawings, but this one is especially cute! :D

  8. It has been so tremendously fun to follow along on your global mofo journey. I just wish I could have eaten it all along with you!
    p.s. I love your drawings :)

  9. Your posts have been so great! And I love all your drawings, they make me smile every time!

  10. susan1:02 PM

    i am sad it is over but i am glad yummers didnt stay in australia and that you picked up a new family member...

  11. Fantastic job on the around the world journey! I have really enjoyed reading your entries every day. I bet you're ready for a break! :)

  12. I've loved your MoFo posts and so glad I found your blog!

  13. Thank you for such amazing posts and art, you are so talented!

  14. Anonymous5:06 PM

    During MoFo time or not, your blog is hands down the best! Keep it up! =)

  15. Aloha,

    Thanks for the link up to the Polynesian Kitchen, glad you liked your Otai! Adding your blog to my blog roll, one of my new foodie favorites!


  16. I love that we made poe-twins! I found the South Pacific was one of the most difficult to veganise too plus a lot of the recipe I did find were too similar to what I'd made in other countries.

    I have enjoyed all of your posts, Amey!


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