Thursday, November 25, 2010

VeganMoFo: Pies! Pies! Pies!

That's right folks, we're flying all the way home for Thanksgiving! Thanksgiving is one my favorite holidays, and I think I've only ever been away from home for one Thanksgiving. What was I thinking!? Even when I lived far from home, I always came home for a chance to be with my family, who I love so much.

I'm sure that all my non-U.S. readers are thinking "enough with all the Thanksgiving posts!"... but I'm not gonna apologize! So, today's meal is brought to you from the United States!

First I took these cute little friends, 2 from my garden and one from my aunt's garden, and cooked them down into 7 cups of pumpkin puree. Mmmmmmm...

I took some of that pumpkin puree, and transformed it into a beautiful pumpkin pie. I love pumpkin pie!! Just the smells of the pumpkin puree were transporting me to a land of happiness. The recipe I use is from one of my favorite books, Voluptuous Vegan.

I also made a Apple-Pear-Quince Pie! I can't wait to taste this little bug! I used the spiced quince that I made a little while ago, and I really hope it all turns out well. Usually I am such a follow-the-recipe kinda gal, and I winged it on this one! Risky! Exciting!

This year, we are having a much smaller gathering than usual. For various reasons, many of our loved ones are doing other things or are in other places, or are no longer with us. So, instead of the usual 15-20 people... this year it'll only be 7-8 people. Plus, we usually have about6 vegans and a vegetarian, and this year we only have 2 vegans in attendance. Thus, instead of busting out a whole batch of tamales for 2 people, I picked up this Field Roast. It's easy, and very delicious, and gives me plenty of time to walk the dogs and do yoga today.

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!!

Bonus facts: Is this drawing accurate or not? True or False?

True: Stevie Wonder wags her tail while eating
False: None of our pets would ever share a pie with the others. They are all too greedy.
True: Mr. Vegan Eats & Treats is really skinny
False: I am not
True: I like to carry things on my head
False: Yummers the cat would totally swat Snoopy if they were that close together.
True: I like to dress up for Thanksgiving Dinner (I even put away my flip flops for one night!)
True: I hope you have a great Thanksgiving!

bonus #2. Mr. VE&T took this picture of Snoopy sitting on my lap while I blog. He is such a great little snuggle dog! See how he rests his little Snoopy chin on the arm of the chair.

Come back tomorrow to resume our Around The World Adventures... there are some really, really great meals coming up!


  1. Happy Thanksgiving to you as well! Hooray for pies and snuggly animals. :)

  2. happy thanksgiving to you guys too, Amey! i sounds like you're going to have a super fun day filled with lots of awesome, fun, tasty foods, and family. yay! i cannot wait to hear how your apple-pear-quince pie is. kick booty for wing'n it, and your pumpkin pie made with homemade puree = the best! Snoopy is too cute in your lap with the arm rest for a chin rest. our poch julie sleeps on the couch a bunch and hangs her feet over and puts her chin/head on our end table. cracks me up. dogs are the bestest. alrighty - enjoy your day!!!

  3. Happy Thanksgiving! Those pies look yummy, and the drawing is super cute. My animals would never share pies either. There'd be some serious swattin' goin' on.

  4. Happy Thanksgiving to you!

  5. love you, amey! happy thanksgiving from me, vee and dazeedoodle.


  6. So wonderful you made it home for Thanksgiving!

  7. I have pie pies did not turn out that cute!

  8. Happy Day After Thanksgiving! Your pies look great, and Snoopie is such a cutie!

  9. Yay! I am not sick of Thanksgiving posts and yours was excellent, full o' pie!

    There aren't many days when I don't wear thons(flip flops), you were good to not wear them to your T'Giving dinner.


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