Sunday, January 09, 2011

Hello From India!

Hi Friends!
No pics for now, because I haven't yet found a computer that can accept my card reader. Poop!

However, just wanted to drop a line and say that I haven't forgotten you. I'm here in Pune, in central India, not too far from Mumbai (aka Bombay) - enjoying totally delicious food. We have a little kitchen in our apartment, armed with a pressure cooker no less - so we've been doing lots of home cooking. But of course there's still plenty of time to go out for wonderful Indian food. Eating out at a restaurant costs about $2-3 (for both of us), and there is a great selection here. Because of its central location, and because Pune is a big city and a university town, you can find almost everything here.

South Indian food is my favorite, and is also a favorite here in Pune. So we've already eaten lots of dosas and uttapams and idlis and sambar. MMMMMMM. Rest assured, I am photodocumenting like crazy and you will not be left out. Plus, I am sampling every Palak Dal in town (spinach dal) and becoming quite a fan!

When we don't eat out, we're busy cooking up beautiful local produce and eating mountains of tropical fruits: pineapples, bananas, baby bananas, fresh coconuts, papayas, and so on. Mmmmmm.

So, in other words, don't worry about me! Hope you're all in bloggy-land!


  1. Sounds like a great time. Eat some for me!

  2. fantastic! when are you guys coming to mumbai - would love to meet up sometime! or at least tell you guys what to eat and what to avoid. :)

  3. That sounds AWESOME! I'm looking forward to see the pictures, but I will be even more jealous then! But I'm so glad for you, enjoy the rest of your stay!

  4. You have no idea how jealous this post makes! Please, bring back some delicious vegan recipes for your blog readers!

  5. How cool! I've been such an anti-social hermit I didn't even know you were traveling!

    Have lots of fun and keep us posted! :)

  6. So glad you're having a great time, Amey! I'll think of you next time I make dal. ;)

    And I wanted to mention that I received the cookbooklet last week--thank you so much! It is sOoooOooO cute! Love your drawings. And wonderful recipes that I can't wait to try! It will be given a special place on the shelf next to your other one. :D

  7. And the yoga? How's the yoga?! Thinking of you in Pune while doing my home practice in Iowa.

  8. How exciting, Amey!! Enjoy your time (and the food. and the yoga.) there!!

  9. Ooh...insanely jealous!!! That sounds amazing. Especially the palak dal sampling and the amazing produce! Have a wonderful time!


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