Sunday, May 01, 2011

Dosas & Uttapams Freak Out!

Lately I've been helping my sweet pal Kittee (of Cake Maker to the Stars and with some tester recipes for her upcoming all-vegan, all-gluten-free zine, which will be a follow-up to her glorious first zine, Papa Tofu. Kittee is wonderful, and makes wonderful recipes, so it is a joy and honor to help her out with tester recipes.

When she sent out a recipe for making dosas, I printed it out almost immediately. You may have noticed from other recent posts, that I really love dosas. Really. But there are no places here in Santa Cruz to go get a dosa. So, if you want one, you are on your own. Which, until now, meant no dosas for Amey.

Kittee's recipe is great and easy (just requires the patience of fermenting time)... and makes a lot, thank god, because this will give you an excuse to eat dosas non-stop for a few days.

Just look at that beautiful dosa!! Honestly, I could not believe that I made it. It was perfect! Perfect taste! Perfect texture! Not so hard after all! A miracle! The next day, my mom came over to help me with some yard work, and I just whipped up two more dosas for lunch! Amazeballs! Not pictured, but verrrrry important is the coconut chutney that goes with the dosas. Yums.

So, then I had a whole bunch of batter sitting around and I started going crazy! I made more dosas! Then... I made uttapam! An uttapam is made with the same batter as a dosa, but is thicker and usually has the goodies cooked right into it. I am really crazy about uttapam. I ate a ton (literally, they are serious gut-bombs!) of uttapams in India back in January... So the discovery that this is something I could make in my very own kitchen for my very own self has been a revelation to say the least.

Back in January, while eating one of the many aforementioned uttapams at a restaurant in Pune (India), my friend Jane and I were dreaming up other uttapam variations - especially dessert uttapams. What about a coconut and pineapple dessert uttapam?, we wondered. That would be so good! Well, folks, you know what I did with my uttapam batter! And when Kittee's next zine comes out, you'll be able to get it and find my recipe for Tomato & Onion Uttapan and Pineapple & Coconut Dessert Uttapam, and make some for yourself.

Unleash the monster! There is no going back!


  1. Looks like a utupam restaurant in the making. Yum!

  2. fermented urad dal in da house!!!

  3. I confirm: the Dosa was extremely tasty & satisfying!

  4. Wow, looks amazing! I want Indian food!

  5. So, how bout I come to your house and you make me some uttapam? Seems fair all around :)

  6. How wonderful! I never had a dosa and of course I have to lay my hands on Kittee's zine as soon as it is out.

  7. Anonymous8:48 AM

    I cannot, cannot wait for Kittee's new xgfx zine!!!

  8. Hi Amey,
    Just found your blog. Amazing! So much energy! Thank you. Who draws all these lovely pictures? You?

    With my husband we recently started a big adventure -- fighting his diabetes with vegan diet. You are welcome to visit our blog

    I love your Around the World project. I am Russian, and your drawing on the Russian post made me smile. Keep posting!
    Love, Julia

  9. Ohhh, that looks great. can't wait for the zine.

    by the way, I'm just back from a week in monterey/carmel.....didn't make it to santa cruz, but you live in a beautiful area (but I'm sure you know that)


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