Monday, May 16, 2011

A Spring Brunch Party

Okay, so technically, this was Easter Brunch... but I didn't really want to admit just how far behind I am in my blogging! Even with a late post, it's worth it, because my family and I had a really awesome brunch.

The first thing I made was the Shiitake Dill Frittata from Vegan Brunch. Actually I made two! I love this recipe, it's quick, easy, and so delicious. The dill especially makes the whole thing very Spring-timey. We gathered at my cousin's house, which has a beautiful backyard with a little stream going through it. So I held up my frittata by the window, so that it could enjoy the view while having its photo taken.

Also, I made Hot Cross Buns! But of course! Yum yum yum yum. I love these delicious, slightly sweet, yeast-risen, candied-citron and current-laden treats! I only make them once a year and the whole family looks forward to them. In fact, this year all the leftover buns ran home with other people before I could get my hands on any! ha ha!! Well, that's fine, since I can always make myself more if I need them.

Also, this year I made English Muffins, which I haven't done in a while. I have an old recipe that I first saw in the newspaper, which makes really great english muffins. I even rushed the rising time (2 hours?? really?? I did one hour), and they turned out AMAZING. Next time I'll try the recipe from Vegan Diner, which was my original plan, until I realized that my powdered soy milk was Vanilla-flavored, and decided that would be super nasty. So, I went back to my old favorite recipe, with great success! I really should make these more often, they are such a wonderful treat.

My aunt Laura brought along some delicious roasted Asparagus, an absolute must for any self-respecting Spring Time Brunch. Even the resident veggie avoiders in our family all love asparagus. I mean, come on, it's asparagus!!!

I loved the beautiful baby carrots with greens that my aunt Sara put out as a center piece. A sweet little nod to Easter... which is not really a holiday that any of us celebrate, other than by having brunch together!

Here's just part of the giant spread, looking resplendent!! Strawberries, Fruit salad!, nuts, raisins, veggies, baked goodies... it was so delicious!

You can see that my little nephew CW is a big fan of the strawberries. Back when he was a little tiny guy, sometimes that was all he would eat. This year he also branched out into pineapple and asparagus (!!).

And here's my plate - complete with tangerine juice and hot coffee... Mmmmmm... too bad I have to wait another year for Easter to come around again! I want it all over again!


  1. gorgeous! Tangerine juice is delicious!

  2. Anonymous5:22 PM

    Your brunch looks fantastic. I was wondering if you're able to share where you found your hot cross buns recipe. They sound wonderful.

    I so enjoy your blog!


  3. Everyone's Easter meals are such a nice representation of fresh, healthy, springy foods - my favorite kind of stuff. Looks great and I love those little carrots! Glad the fritatta didn't fall overboard into the stream.

  4. yes, hot cross buns recipe, please! what a lovely brunch you all had.

  5. That's a fantastic looking spread. Nice job on the English muffins and hot cross buns!

  6. I agree completely about asparagus. Back when I was a white-foods only vegetarian, asparagus and green beans lured me into the domain of colorful veggies.

  7. What a great brunch party, that whole plate of food looks fantastic but I'd really like one of your muffins right now.


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