Friday, October 28, 2011

VeganMoFo 28: Za'atar Pizzas & Hummus

Today's spice (mix) is Za'atar

I've been reading about za'atar for a few years now, and really wanting to try it. I just knew that I would love it. I remember reading about it on a blog from the middle east a long while ago, and then Terry had a recipe in Veg News for Za'atar pizzas which I had torn out and never made - but also which I had never managed to forget about.

Thanks, Tami!
So, when one of my sweet yoga students came home from a trip to Portland with various spices for me, and za'atar was among them, I was so happy! She said they had lots of different za'atar mixes, but that this one was her favorite. It's got sesame seeds, sumac, and thyme... and maybe other things I'm not sure. Isn't it beautiful?

Sorry for the yellow picture, it was dark out.
The first order of business was finally making those Za'atar Pizzas from Terry's VegNews article. At last! How satisfying to finally make a recipe I've been thinking about for so long. Mr. Vegan Eats & Treast says this is the best pizza I have ever made. Folks, it was really, really good. The crust was perfect - chewy & crispy, the seasonings were perfect, the tomatoes were crazy yums. I think there was supposed to be cheeze on it, but I'm not really that into cheeze. The only two things I'll do differently next time are 1) more tomatoes = more fun, and 2) don't make a half batch. What was I thinking?

To go along with the pizzas, I also made some hummus with za'atar and veggies. This seems to be a super common use for za'atar - just sprinkling it on already yummy things to make them still yummier. Yes we ate it all. We are piggies. Hungry hungry hippo piggies. Plus, it was really good. I still have some za'atar left, and I pretty much plan on putting it on every hummus experience from here forward. It just adds a little extra zip of fun and flavor.
I couldn't decide which doodle to include, so I included them both!

do you remember this game?


  1. aw, that last doodle is so fun! is that happy happy hippo??

    zatar is great, i should try to make some on xgfx bread. my mom and i used to get zatar bread from this great place down the street from their house--lebanese cafe. so yum. so cheap!

    do you know where your student picked this up in pdx?

  2. Za'atar is also great on a fattoush salad. I will have to try that pizza, though! :)

  3. hungry hippos and bed bugs were my 2 favorite games. i loved hungry hippos slightly more, especially if i had the pink hippo. it was my fav! :D

    za'atar sounds awesome and i want to say i've had it before, but never cooked with it or used it on my own. i need to get me some, pronto! making yummy things even yummier is the bee's knees. i want to get some sumac, too - i've been meaning to for a while, i've just gotta get off my butt and make it happen! both the pizzas (i love those tomatoes) and the hummus look crazy good, Amey!

  4. Excellent! I still have loads of za'atar sitting in my pantry from months and months ago, so it would be great to use a good bit of it at last. The pizzas look awesome- I can can practically taste how well the za'atar would pair with olives already.

  5. Za'atar za'atar za'atar! Mmm, za'atar pizza sounds good. Or pizza with za'atar hummus on it. Oy. Is it lunchtime yet?

  6. Anonymous10:56 AM

    those look excellent!! bookmarking the recipe for when finally get my hands on some za'atar

  7. I admit I never heard of za'atar before but it sounds great! Both pizza & hummus looks delicious.

    I'm late in finding your blog but love your theme! I will come back to read all your mofo posts later:)

  8. That looks like a delicious pizza. I'll have to try it.

  9. You had me at za'atar hummus, sounds incredible! I love za'atar pastries/pizzas as well.

  10. I love both the doodles! I have some za'atar in the cupboard and haven't decided how to use it yet. The pizzas look outstanding!

  11. I love za'atar! My taste buds were so happy the first time I tried it. I go through phases where I'm eating it on pita every single day.

  12. Za'atar is the BEST! I say that about a lot of things, but za'atar really has a shot at winning the title. Sprinkled on hummus or fresh flatbread is my fave way to enjoy it.

  13. Anonymous7:53 PM

    is the game Hungry Hippos?

    I love your drawings! You're so fun! :)

  14. Anonymous7:20 PM

    I love za'atar! I have never cooked with it though, so I will have to try out these ideas! The only thing I knew to do with it was to add it to olive oil as a dip with warm pita bread. Which is amazing, by the way :)


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