Monday, October 31, 2011

VeganMoFo 31: World's Best Spice = Smoked Paprika

Today's Spice is: Smoked Paprika!!
Smoky Paprika Love
I saved the best for last, my friends!

To feature my lovely friend Smoked Paprika, I made a batch of the Great Smoky Mountains Cheeze from Vegan Diner. I made this a long time back, and I had such fond memories... I was just looking for an excuse to make it again. Plus, I get to use my cute little rectangular Pyrex dish. Isn't that orangey color beautiful? That's all from the paprika, baby!
Romeo & Juliet
Amey & Smoked Paprika,
the next true love story.

I am not always a fan of "cheeze," but I really love both of the cheeze recipes in Vegan Diner (the other one is a dill cheeze). They are made with silken tofu, some nutritional yeast, agar, and other nice flavors & spices. The texture is absolutely great! As you can see, you can totally slice the cheeze, but you can also smoosh it with your knife and spread it all over if you like it better that way.

I put my Smoky Mountain Cheeze with some fresh tomatoes from the garden and made a delicious grilled cheese sandwich to go with my giant salad for dinner. Mr. Vegan Eats & Treats said he didn't want one, but then he took a bite of mine and said - sheepishly - "I wish I had ordered a sandwich". Ha! So, he ended up eating half of mine and I had to get up and make another one.
...or should I say "Smoky Dreams" ?

Happy Halloween, everyone!
...and Happy End of VeganMoFo - we made it!
(now to catch up on a month's worth of posts on 650 blogs...)


  1. you did save the best for last. squeeeeee! smoke paprika is my favorite as well (i love it the mostest along with chipotle powder), Amey. huzzah! yippeeeee for homegrown tomatoes on your cheezy sammie. it was nice of you to share with Mr. Vegan Eats & Treats - just one bite to convince him is grand! that's gotta be some fantastical cheeze and now i've just gotta pick up a copy of Vegan Diner.

    p.s. - i think your green pyrex is adorable. i love all things pyrex and am slowing working on a vintage collection of my own. :)

  2. Whew, so I'm not the only vegan who dislikes a lot of vegan cheese? Good to know :) I imagine some good-quality smoked paprika might make me like ANYTHING better, though!

  3. I love smoked paprika so much, it's delicious. Your smoky mountain cheese looks amazing, I've been eyeing that recipe since I got the book & I'll definitely be making it soon. I love your little pyrex dish too.

  4. If only Shakespeare felt the same way, imagine how much greater his work would be.


  5. Oh how I love Smoked Paprika. Let me count the ways. :)

    I also love Ancho Chili powder. YUM!

  6. I loved smoked paprika, too. I've been hearing raves about the cheezes in Vegan Diner! Does it get melty?

  7. I've been eyeing the cheese recipes in "Vegan Diner," but I wasn't sure if the photos were truly representative of what I'd end up with in my kitchen. Your photo and review have inspired me to make this cheese!

  8. That settles it, I have to find some smoked paprika. I keep hearing about this cheeze, and I think it's time I just ordered the darn book and made some!

    And your drawings are always fantastic, but they are especially adorable this time - love the Romeo and Juliet take. :)

  9. Smoked paprika is the spice to rule them all. Jonesing just reading this! Love!


  10. Anonymous12:34 PM

    Yay! This is quickly becoming a favorite of mine as well. Esp. because I am sort of scared of liquid smoke.

    Congrats on posting every day!! The drawings were amazing this year!

    :) jen e.

  11. Smoked paprika IS the best! Your MoFo theme was also totally the best.

  12. I could eat smoked paprika by the spoonful. For serious. I love your cartoon of you tucking little paprika into bed. (Maybe a potential future dog name, Paprika?)

  13. i need some smoked paprika 4 sure.. and i am getting the book too.
    happy halloween.! and have a great november!
    Richa @ Hobby And More

  14. Anonymous7:57 PM

    HAHAHA! Yeah my blog count is like 1600+ and then the personal blogs like yours that I have RSS'ed... lots of catch up but it's also really inspiring and makes for a lovely day of comfort reading. :)

    Thank you for a wonderful spicy month. Probably my favourite theme this month.

    I think everyone who did VeganMOFO should all meet up in Hawaii for a well earned holiday! Some 5 star vegan hotel should have a water view and pamper us for a week! :)

    Keep in touch!
    Savannah xox

  15. I love the smoky mountain cheese, I think it's my most-loved recipe of this year. Totally craving a toasted sandwich now!

  16. Love it! I have never really understood paprika - although I've tried it many times, it never really tastes like anything and so I usually avoid it. But after this post, I am convinced I have been buying crappy paprika, because if you love it so much, it must be flavourful, if not delicious! I am going to pick some up today and try making something with it. Thanks for the inspiration :)

  17. Okay Amey, can you be any freakin' cuter with those drawings??? Tucking in paprika to bed? Oh goodness, I am in love. You are so talented, my friend!

  18. Anonymous9:27 AM

    I loved smoked paprika, definitely one of my favorite spices.
    I keep hearing so much awesomeness about that Vegan Diner recipe, I'm just going to have to suck it up and go make it this weekend.

  19. You're so awesome Amey! Love your drawings and your delicious eats as well. Thanks for the Vegan Diner love!

  20. Oh I love smoked paprika, it just makes everything amazing!


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