Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Doggie Treats for Xmas - and Cookbooklette Winners!

As promised, I bring you Snoopy in his Santa outfit! He doesn't like the hat at all, but he loves wearing his little Santa jacket. (Don't worry, I only make him wear the hat for pictures.) I'm not sure why, but he is oddly crazy about wearing jackets. My only guess is that whoever had him before we adopted him made him wear lots of jackets. Whenever he has his Santa outfit on, his name officially becomes "Santa," and it is against the law to call him Snoopy again until he takes off his outfit.

In fact, I got Snoopy a new raincoat from Lands End, because he really doesn't like getting wet. It doesn't quite cover his rear end, but I hope it's better than nothing.

It even says "Snoopy" on it! Squee! You know you are in trouble when you start buying doggie jackets with their names embroidered on them. God help me.

Speaking of doggies, we have three excellent doggies and everyone knows that doggies need christmas presents too. At least, that's what "Santa" told me! So, I decided to try my hand at homemade sweet potato chews. I looked around online and found some easy guidelines:
Cut a bunch of sweet potatoes into scant 1/4" slices (excellent time to use your mandoline!). Put them in the oven straight onto the racks (not on baking sheets), preheated to 250 F, and cook for 3 hours. Easy! They are crunchy and the doggies love them so much! Merry Holidays to all our Doggie Friends.

Lastly! Santa wants to send out Holiday Cookbooklettes to all the winners of my annual cookbooklette giveaway!
Congratulations to:
Celyn, Tahinitoo, Caitlin, Kirsten, Lauren Lowe, John P, Catherine Denis, Amber Shea, Kaycee, Nichole, Emily, Rebecca, Ela, Hannah, Fanny, Hannah, Kaite, Meg, Luciana, Molly G., Becca, Lizzie Bordello, Agati, Eat Me Delicious, Jared, Kirsten, MizzBzVegan, Jolca, and Bean!
Merry Holidays to You All!
I'll email you for your address, so go check your inbox!


  1. Anonymous5:07 PM

    Oh my goodness, thank you so much!!! I am mighty excited to receive your cookbooklette!!! And, Snoopy is cute as heck.

  2. I'm guessing the people before you never let Snoopy wear jackets... he's got the good life now. And he is quite the fashionable dog.

  3. Amey <3 Snoopy <3

  4. Snoopy is so cute! Also um, I just got a package in the mail today- a green Land's End dog coat with my beagle's name embroidered on it. Ha! I wondered if I was getting weird. :)

  5. Agh, the Santa outfit is so cute! I love the hat. I am going to go add sweet potatoes to my shopping list right now and make some of those for my Greyhound - I got him some store-bought dried sweet potato slices once and he really dug them, but they were just too expensive to buy on a regular basis. These will be perfect for in his stocking (yes, he has a stocking - it is in the shape of a paw).

    p.s. I emailed you my info earlier this morning. :)

  6. Snoopy/Santa is so adorable! He looks so much like a Snoopy too. My dog has that same raincoat in black. But no name embroidered. I feel like a bad dog mom now.

    Love the treat ideas. I've done it in the dehydrator with sweet potatoes but the oven is a god alternative too.

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  8. That was CUte :)
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    wish you a happy new year :)

  9. Good Morning Amey!
    It ws so wonderful to see you this week. These are super cute pictures of Snoopy. He's such a ham. So sweet! Love you...


  10. The booklet is lovely, thank you so much, Amey! Snoopy is really patient. Our dog doesn't mind coats, but we have about 3 seconds to take a photo before she pushes a hat off with her paws. I hope your holidays were wonderful!


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