Monday, July 23, 2012

A Vegan Wedding!

We went to such a lovely wedding! Our friends A & J got married, and it was a really sweet ceremony. Held at a beautiful county park... the ceremony was held inside a ring of redwood trees - followed by dinner in a sunny clearing right nearby. The whole thing was great and sweet and good. 

 As we were leaving the house, Mr. Vegan Eats & Treats (who is always looking out for me) said "Is there going to be anything at this wedding for you to eat?" Um, YES! Mrs. A is one of my awesome PPK vegan friends and so I knew there would be delicious vegan food for me - I just didn't realize how delicious it would all be, or that it would be ALL vegan, or that they had made it all themselves!!

Here's the appetizer table: two kinds of hummus, pita chips (Danger! These are so darned good!), fresh veggies, an olive platter, and fruit kabobs down at the end.

Look at the beautiful fruit kabobs! Also, you can't really see it, but there was a big bowl of amazeballs coconut cream to go with the kabobs. What a great idea, it was a really delicious combo.

Here's my appetizer plate. I am such a little vegan piggie that it didn't all fit on my plate. Mmm, everything was so delicious!

Dinner was a great assemble-it-yourself falafel buffet, along with a bunch of tasty side dishes. I loved all the jars of freshly-picked lavender that they had on the tables, and I also loved the adorable falafel instructions.

I made my falafel sandwiches - and also got some bean salad, fresh cherry tomatoes and cukes, and some amazing grilled veggie kabobs too. It was all so yummy and fresh and filling. Mmmm.

This is the BEST. Check out the fantastic set up of tahini and sriracha sauce for the falafels. Oooooooh, yeah! I was happy as a clam! Dumping on tahini and dumping on sriracha - for maximum falafel experience!

Well, what about dessert? They even made their own dessert!! Instead of cake, they chose to have baklava - and they made the most amazing and delicious vegan baklava. Truly, it was spectacular. Light, crispy, sugary, and super nutty - it was fantastic. Plus, the portions were oh-so-generous! 

Look at the sweet little display they had for the baklavas - Isn't that pretty? I loved the little purple and green cups, which went perfectly with all the lavender around.

I even snapped a picture of a happy little bee friend enjoying the lavender. Not only were bees not harmed at this vegan wedding - they were graciously invited! :) Plus, when we were all visiting after the meal, a mommy deer walked by with her two little fawns. So sweet! That's gotta be an auspicious sign for a happy marriage!

Here they are - the happy couple! It was a really wonderful wedding, and a really wonderful day. 
Love and Congrats to J&A!!!

p.s. you can see more wedding pics over on A's blog: Hot Vegan Chickpeas!


  1. That looks like the kind of wedding I'd love to be invited to! The food looks amazing, I love the idea of an assemble your own falafel bar and the baklava for dessert looks delicious.

  2. I like this vegan wedding look amazing foods to be ordered and have more variety of dishes. It's like all wedding peoples have to eat at the ceremony.

  3. wow- they made all of the food for their own wedding?! that is incredible! all of the items look delicious..and i have to say, i'm kind of jealous that you got to go to such an awesome event!

  4. Anonymous9:05 AM

    what a wonderful wedding! And fabulous food!! love the falafel bar:) beautiful couple:)

  5. Wow, you get to do a lot of fun vegan events. They did a great job with their wedding. I love, love the falafel bar idea.


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