Friday, July 27, 2012

In Which I Meet A Long-Lost Internet Friend At Last!

Some of you Old Timers will remember my dear friend Bazu, of the now-dormant blog Where's The Revolution. Back in the early days of vegan blogging, Bazu was one of my instant friends. In fact, we discovered a couple years later that we started our blogs on the exact same day. Bloggie Twins! But after years of sending each other gifts in the mail, emailing, and being Facebook pals, we had never actually met in person - until now!

We finally got to hang out together!
She and her husband were in San Francisco, and come hell or high water, I was determined to see them! So, I had a little field trip and we met up at Gracias Madre (all-vegan Mexican restaurant) for lunch and some excellent visiting time. It was really, really great to finally meet my pal and fella!

Cheers! We started out with some green juices. Not my usual thing, but I have to say, I was in the mood and these were really good. Light and refreshing and crisp. 

Then we ordered a whole mess of small plates shared them together - pickled veggies, black beans, roasted potatoes with cheeze sauce, Caeser Salad, and a wonderful baked eggplant dish that was truly enough to be an entree on its own. What a wondeful meal! It was so fun to share so many dishes and get so many different flavors and textures together - rather than just having one entree. It was so fun!

Of course, there was dessert. We ordered the Flan, which was good, but - honestly - not as good as the last time I came to Gracias Madre. Maybe I just got lucky last time? 

We also ordered the Dulce di Leche Ice Cream with Mexican Wedding Cookies. Of all the desserts, those cookies were the unanimous favorite. Soooooo good. 

After lunch, we had a nice stroll around SF - went to the park, went up the hill to see the view, and even pilfered some little sour plums! The plums were calling out to Bazu, tempting her to risk life and limb!

And finally she got one! It was so super awesome to meet her at last. Long live Bazu!


  1. Anonymous8:14 AM

    how fun! it looks like you guys had a great time! yay green juice:)

  2. I love getting to meet blog friends! And I'm envious of the all-vegan Mexican restaurant, since Mexican food is one of the best things of life. It's a fact. There aren't any plums to pick around here in Saskatchewan, but there are raspberries! :)

  3. great job ladies! glad you two finally met, internet friends turned real life friends are very awesome.


  4. What a great blogger meetup story — and what an excellent choice for a meetup location. We ate at Gracias Madre when we visited San Francisco last year and loved it. I thought the restaurant was supposed to close, but I'm glad to hear it's still open. Maybe I'll get to eat there again.

    I'm going to meet a blogger friend for the second time, next week. (We met the first time last summer.)

  5. Awww Bazu!! I love finally getting to meet my blogging buddies & it looks like you guys had a great day.

  6. Yay! We just got back from Portland, where I basically wet myself with excitement at finally getting to hang out with Josh, Michelle, Kittee, Dazee, and Bobbi. Now I wanna drink green smoothies with you and Bazu!!!!

  7. all vegetarian mexican AND bazu?? amazing!

  8. Anonymous12:19 AM

    That looks like so much fun. It's great to get to know your blogger friends from around the world!

  9. Vegan food, bringing people together across space, time, and the internet! Sounds like a fantastic dinner!

  10. Hi! Just found your great site! I love meeting other bloggers too. I have been vegan travel blogging for a few years. My sites are and

  11. That is a GREAT story! How much fun to finally meet at last. Were each of you just as the other one expected? Or were there additional fun surprises?

  12. I love your story. Imagine what internet can do to you. Keep us posted.

  13. Long live Amey!! xoxo


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