Thursday, October 18, 2012

MoFo 18: Go Picnic Meals Save The Day

Recently, we were on a trip from home from North Carolina to California. Usually, when I am preparing to fly, I have a bunch of snacks with me, and I can keep myself happily fed with my stash. But this time, since we were on our way home, I didn't have a chance to load up on flight snacks. Plus, we had to wake up at 4 am, and I am just not really thinking about snacks at 4 am. "I'll just grab something at the airport," I thought. Well, as soon as we arrived, the plane was already boarding. My tummy began growling.

When I get super hungry, I do get irritable, but most of all I get super weirdo spacey and indecisive. Mr. Vegan Eats & Treats calls it "Food Disease."  So maybe my doodle is not quite right. 

Imagine my DELIGHT when I found these Go Picnic treats at our layover. Right when I was preparing to curl up and die. Not all the Go Picnic meals are vegan, but TWO of them are (actual choices!!!!): Hummus + Crackers, and Sunbutter + Crackers. PLUS they are gluten free. AND peanut-free. Seriously. 

For the sake of vegans everywhere, I got both - so I could check them out and tell you all about it. The treats inside cover the gamut of a vegan's food needs: savory, fruity, nutty, proteiny, and sweeties. I'm sorry I don't have a picture for you... I was too busy chowing down like a ravenous beast. But I'll tell you about it:

Hummus + Crackers: hummus packet, crackers, trail mix, dry roasted edamame & an Endangered Species chocolate square
25 grams of protein! 

Sunbutter + Crackers: Sunflower Seed butter, crackers (xgfx), trailmix, dried fruit snax, Enjoy Life chocolate chip cookie. (this one is all nut free) 
12 grams of protein!

I was really stoked on these meals, and I will definitely buy them again next time I see them in an airport. Plus, it's really cute - on the inside of the box there are little puzzles and things to read and stuff. Really, I gotta say, I loved these so much - and I was SO grateful to find a nutritious, yummy, and satisfying vegan option in an airport snack shop. I went in hoping for a Clif Bar & came out with TWO vegan meals! It looks like you can buy these online, and I'll definitely consider it before my next flight. That's a way better plan than taking my chances with random airport food!


  1. I'm glad you were able to find a good, quick vegan option at the airport! I know what you mean about being so prepared for one leg of the trip, and then on the return flight not having things so well organized. (It's much trickier on that end when returning from travels.) I always eat like a prince on my way to a destination and a pauper on the way home.

    Thanks for the review of the Go Picnic meals! I've seen them at my local co-op and been curious about them. They sound just perfect for this kind of circumstance. I'll keep them in mind the next time I'm traveling or my husband goes on a business trip! :)

  2. Ahh they sound so good! I feel the exact same way when I start getting hungry too; I get all cranky. -.-

    I'm vegetarian at the moment so finding snacks at the airport is not so hard, but when I do find anything vegan I always love to try it! Thanks for this post by the way! If I ever find any I'll have to try them out myself.

    P.S: Hope you had a great trip!

  3. What airport did you find those in? Not Raleigh-Durham? My sister lives down in Chapel Hill and I'm in the RDU airport all the time and have complained about the lack of vegan options!

    1. Molly - I'm not sure. I think it might have been the Charlotte Airport. Our flight got cancelled, and we were sent somewhere else and the whole thing was quite a mess... so I don't totally remember where we were (but now you know why I was so hungry!). Anyhow, I *think* it was Charlotte. I hope these things catch on and are carried at more airports. They are so great!

  4. Anonymous11:22 AM

    Wow, this is amazing! I will definitely look for these at airports. And I have the exact same "disease" you have :(

    jen e.

  5. Oh man! For an airport snack, those look awesome. I hate when all you can find at an airport is like a dry bagel or a mystery apple that has to be dusted off before you can eat it.

    I get really belligerent when I'm super hungry!

  6. That's a SWEET find for airport food! On a recent early morning layover, I had fruit loops with soymilk, haha. I was really glad they had soymilk! I would totally snag one of these meals if I see them, even if I wasn't hangry at the time.

  7. wow this is airport WIN! these both look amazing!

  8. So cute! Picnic in a box! If I see the hummus and crackers box next week when we go to Whole Foods I'm gonna have to grab one.

  9. These meal boxes sound awesome and so handy - I wish we had something like this here :)

  10. That description of your hungry-behaviour rings so many bells with me, I'm exactly the same! Those look like perfect airport finds & I'll be keeping an eye out for them next time I travel.


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