Sunday, October 21, 2012

MoFo 21: Doodle Day!

Well, last night I made a ginormous pot of mediocre soup. It really wasn't a winner, but we ate it anyway. What are you gonna do? Instead of boring you with my sad soup story, I decided to offer you:

My Sunday morning in doodle formation!

Woke up with all the furries snuggling me. That is really the best. Mr. Vegan Eats & Treats was up early... but I had a good case of the sleepies. See how all the pets are happily snoozing except for little Miss Stevie Wonder? She wakes up before me and stalks me all morning for any signs of life. As soon as I stretch a little or sigh or something, she is all over me - wagging her tail like crazy and insisting on licking me like a salt lick. I usually let her lick my hand for a few minutes.

Snuggles go in this order: 
Stevie, Dottie, Yummers the cat. Snoopy does not like morning snuggles. He prefers to keep sleeping.

Once up and at 'em, I made some coffee. Truth be told, we drink decaf. But still, we both really love coffee, and it's such a nice way to start the day. We have a pretty crummy little Mr. Coffee. I am always threatening to switch to some other system, but for now, Laziness continues to win out over Action.

Next up, feed the doggies. Everybody loves breakfast time! In the morning, they all get a big blob of canned pumpkin with their food, so that is extra exciting. In reality, they don't actually eat next to each other. We space them out by 8-10 feet. Otherwise they just try to steal from each other. After everyone is done, they all take turns going around and licking out everyone else's bowl. Just to be sure!

Yummers Potatoes gets fed way up on top of his kitty tower. We used to feed him on a smaller kitty tower, until one day we saw Dottie standing on it and finish off the cat food. No more! Yummers is actually the prime agitator for meal time, but if you feed him first he does this weird thing - as soon as he hears you feeding the dogs, he runs back into the kitchen to ask for his food EVEN THOUGH YOU HAVE ALREADY FED HIM.  What kind of crazy cat forgets he has already been fed, while eating his breakfast??? Our cat. That's who.

And finally, Mr. VE&T and I had breakfast together! That was really a special treat. We don't usually have much for breakfast, and we almost never sit down and eat breakfast together. So it always feels like a special date when we do. Today we had french toast stuffed with strawberries - which you will learn all about tomorrow.

I hope you had a great Sunday morning too! 


  1. This could very well be my favorite blog post ever! I love your doodles! Yummers Potatoes is such a little weirdo! I love reading about your pet stories and watching your pet videos. I remember the one with Yummers Potatoes eating broccoli and making the cutest kitty sounds - so cute!

  2. I forgot to say that I have a rinky dink Mr. Coffee coffee maker too. I keep threatening to buy a french press with no plastic bits anywhere to make a coffee that tastes like coffee instead of overheated plastic. But I need to procrastinate I little more first...

  3. I agree- this was one of the best blog posts I've seen too... and I read a lot! thanks for sharing :) I'm glad you had a great morning

  4. Anonymous1:36 PM

    I absolutely love your doodles :D

  5. Everything is More fun in a doodle!

  6. Sounds liked a very very lovely Sunday.

  7. This is the sweetest post ever! I don't know if it's normal to want to hug a blog post, but I think I might do it anyway...

  8. Sounds like a perfect morning! Jake the cat doesn't usually sleep on the bed, except weekends when I sleep in. Dave almost always gets up before me, and Jake sits by my feet until I wake up. So cute!

  9. I love the doodle of the dogs wagging their tails while they eat. If I recall, you posted a video showing this very thing some time ago - so adorable. :)

  10. Bliss Doubt4:45 PM

    Love this post. I have always found that cats have a million ways to trick you into giving them more food. They figure if you don't know they've already been fed, they won't clue you in. Cat thought: "hey, it's worth a try". Another cat thought: "while she's dishing out food for the dogs, I can fool her into putting out more for me. Maybe I can even trick her into feeling bad for forgetting me. If it works, I can go back and eat what she already dished out, then come back here and eat this too". Cats also always try to escalate. If you get up at 7am to feed them, they start trying to wake you up at 6:30. If you actually got up at 6:30am, they'd be trying to get you up at 6. Always they try to close the gap between meal times. Gotta love 'em.

  11. Love, love, love this post! We don't have our cats in the bedroom but they wait until my alarm goes off and the proceed to meow and meow or on weekends they wait until they think my alarm should have gone off and start their own alarm call!

    And I have to sit and watch over them because Molly wants to eat from the other two bowls, even though she has her own. I love that you have to feed on the scratching post, clever idea!

  12. Awww. I love all your doodles so much. Snoopy has the right idea... We can snuggle anytime, let's sleep in!


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