Friday, November 09, 2012

Chili When I'm Chilly

Ah! I got my wish! We finally had a nice rainy day yesterday, and I got to test out my brand new BRIGHT RED raincoat. As promised, it is 100% waterproof, so I am very happy with it! Also, if I fall into a ravine, the search and rescue team will have no trouble finding me. This jacket is seriously bright. We had a great rainy-day dog walk in the woods. Dottie is funny in the rain, she likes the outdoors time, but she doesn't like it if the rain gets in her giant ears - so she points them backwards in a really cute way. Stevie Wonder does care at all - she just comes to life in the woods. It's really beautiful.

What about Snoopy? Well, he chose to stay home. He had some minor surgery earlier this week (he's already feeling a lot better today)... but he was feeling crummy and tired and didn't want to come. Send him some healing vibes... he needs them!

After being out wet in the woods, the dinner I had planned was just perfect! I made an old-favorite recipe: the Chipotle Chili with Brussel Sprouts and Sweet Potatoes (except I used a butternut from our garden) from Appetite for Reduction. I love this recipe soooo much. It's filling, hearty, warming, nutritious, and delicious. It's full of excellent flavors from the chipotle to the brussels and the beans... We were all toasty from the inside-out after dinner. And luckily, there's one bowl left for me to enjoy for lunch today. Huzzah!


  1. Little Red Riding Hood! :)

    Aww, Snoopy! I really hope he feels better soon. Poor little monkey.

  2. Your chili looks really good, I don't think I've tried that recipe yet. Get better soon, Snoopster!

  3. Feel better Snoopy!

    Also, a raincoat, hurray! As a mommy I make sure my kid always owns a raincoat that fits but I don't have one - I really need to get one.

  4. I'm glad your raincoat was truly waterproof — it's so disappointing when they leak. :( I got a bright red winter coat last year and am still not sure how I feel about it. It's so different from my usual black, but I'm definitely visible when I attempt to cross the street on a dark, winter day!

    I hope poor Snoopy is feeling well enough to go for a walk in the woods soon. He looks a little forlorn.

  5. I love rainy days. Not sure where you live but here in Los Angeles it rained yesterday too. I'd love to buy myself a raincoat since my umbrella is broken. -.-

    Snoopy looks so cute! I'll be sending many love, happy, and healing vibes his way. :)

    That dish looks super yummy by the way. A perfect meal for a rainy day.

  6. Aw, poor Snoopy... His head bandage looks pretty cozy though, and much more fashionable than the Cone of Shame.

    I love brussels sprout-anything, but I never dreamed of putting them in chili. I so wish I had a giant vat of this during my cold week in the dark. Heck, I wish I had a vat of it right now!

  7. This might be my favorite drawing yet. I love it. I also want to see your new jacket, f'reals.


  8. Oooh I haven't tried that recipe yet, I'm a recent brussels sprout convert so I need to give it a go - it looks perfect for rainy days.

  9. Poor sweet Snoopy! I hope he's on the mend soon!

    Cute picture of you, Dottie, and Stevie Wonder on a walk! I like the idea of getting a bright red raincoat for rainy days. It just makes gray, drizzly days a little cheerier! :)

  10. BRUSSELS SPROUTS. Ever since yesterday, this obsession came over me and suddenly there is nothing I'd rather eat. We're in the middle of a snowstorm right now and I'll be damned if I don't trek out to the grocery store for 'em. That chili looks seriously beautiful!

  11. I'm sure you look cute as little red riding hood (My fave color, I might add). So nice that you have your fuzzy companions to accompany you.

    I love Isa's AFR--and you are turning me on to a bunch of recipes I haven't yet tried. Chili is perfect when it's chilly.


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