Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Plenty of Lentils!

It's funny how sometimes I'll have a cookbook on my shelves for months (even years!) and never make anything from it... and then, finally, I crack it open and make something delicious. After finally making something from the book Plenty by Yotom Ottolenghi last week - and LOVING IT - now I just want to make everything in this whole book. 

So, for dinner the other night, I made the Castelluccio lentils with tomatoes - except I used regular du puy lentils. Du Puy lentils (aka french lentils) are my all-time favorite lentil. They are little and they keep their shape nicely when cooked, so they have a nice bite to them. This recipe was effortlessly veganized by just not including the gorgonzola cheese at the end. It was actually quite simple and easy to throw together. Though it did take a fair amount of inactive time (1.5 hours for the tomatoes to slow-roast, and 30 minutes to cook the lentils), the active time was quite minimal. The end result was positively super yums and this is definitely a recipe I'll make again. The flavors were rich and complimentary: earthy lentils, the bite of the onions, and the sweetness of the tomatoes roasted with vinegar.

I know my lentil salad picture is pretty lame this week... and I could have tried harder, but I was really hungry that night, and I couldn't wait to eat! Please forgive me!


  1. Baked Cauliflower was my too hungry to take a good photo food this week.
    This looks so yummy and healthy!

  2. I love the cartoon! And I'm the same way...cookbooks will lie dormant for years and then, BANG! I'm re-hooked. Which is why it was so hard for me to recently cull some.

  3. I love Yotam. He has a new TV series here which is great. I love the sort of ribollita from that book, I forget it's real name.

  4. Talk about delicious inspiration! I just cooked up a huge pot of lentils for a recipe that only need one cup, so now I'm stuck with a vat of them and no good ideas. At least, until I saw this- Looks like just the ticket. :)

  5. That lentil dish looks fantastic Amey! I don't have the book Plenty (yet), but I do have his new book. You may have inspired me to add this book to my collection; )

  6. My belly and your belly speak the same language! It often yells at me to stop taking pictures and eat too! :D

    My library has this book as an ebook! I'm going to download it right now - thanks for the heads up!

  7. Anonymous10:39 AM

    French lentils are the best kind of lentils. This looks incredibly tasty!

  8. Anonymous11:40 AM

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  9. lentils rule, I love them, in any form, yours look delicious. I love your drawing at the end, I feel like this too sometimes!! (except I don't have a cat to point it out to me!)x


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