Saturday, July 13, 2013

Belated 4th of July Noms

Well, I know it was a while ago, but whatevs! I'm gonna blog about it anyway! We had a really nice 4th of July. It was sunny, and we had a restful, lazy day. I had a great yoga practice and we got our dog Stevie all doped up on doggie Xanax*. Back in the olden days, I used to be a real fan of fireworks, but now that we have Stevie in our lives, I see the whole operation in a new light. Anyhow, once she's doped up (it really helps!), we're supposed to stay home and keep an eye on her - which means no raging parties for us. (*the other two dogs don't get too upset. Scared, but no full-fledged panic)

Luckily, my awesome and wonderful parents came over here, so we still got to have a sweet little festivity and keep an eye on the pups. 

Dinner was simple and delicious: grilled corn on the cob, grilled Field Roast Frankfurters with mustard and fresh Garlic Dill Pickle Sauerkraut from the farmers market (so good!!), and my mom's amazing Turkish Salad with cukes and onions and olives and white beans and everything good.

Does it even count as 4th of July if watermelon is not served? I think there is a federal law about watermelon and all summertime festivities. In the People's Democratic Republic Of Amey, there is such a law, and it is strictly enforced.

I also made this red, white and blue fruit salad. Please just join me in pretending that those yellow raspberries are actually white!! Obviously, it would have looked better if I had just stuck with the white nectarines, but I couldn't stop myself from throwing in the raspberries. Plus, they're just so tasty!!

It was a really sweet dinner together, a nice quiet way to celebrate the holiday, and our little Stevie made it through the night... carried on the wings of Doggie Xanax! It's pretty much her least favorite day of the year, so it always feels like a good deal when you know it's over and won't be back for another year. :)


  1. this sounds like a great little holiday at home, and some amazing food!

  2. Garlic dill pickle sauerkraut! That sounds amazing. I looked at its availability, and sadly, it's not available in my area. I'll have to enjoy it vicariously through you! :)

  3. I agree...watermelon IS the 4th of July! Great noms! :)

  4. Beans dill pickle sauerkraut! That appears to be awesome. I considered its accessibility, and unfortunately, it's not available in my place. I'll have have fun with it vicariously through you!

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  5. OMG sooo delicious! Your July 4 spread looks a LOT like this happy vegan's! :)


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