Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Yummy Lunch!

This has been a pretty typical lunch for me lately... it's been hot and so I've been keepin' it light and easy.

On the right is a big pile of kale (one entire bunch, ripped off the stems and steamed) - and covered in Heidi Ho Chia Cheese Sauce. Have you all tried that stuff? I ordered some online from Spencer's Market, and I am going to have to get more because I LOVE IT. I'm not usually big on faux cheesy things, but I love this product. It's creamy and savory and goes totally great with pretty much all green veggies. Also, it's made of whole ingredients like chia seeds and potatoes and carrots. I really recommend it!

On the left are a bunch of fresh veggies and some Green Goddess dressing (recipe from Appetite For Reduction). I have really fallen in love with that dressing. I always make a double batch now, and I keep it on hand for snacking and veggie-dipping. It's especially useful when I'm cooking dinner and I have the nibbles, but I don't want to fill up on snacks or treats. A little GG goo and some sugar snap peas - and I can keep my snacky impulses happy.

And of course, fresh fruit. It's just not summer time without stone fruits.
And this is my lunch scene. I like to lie with my little legs in the sun and my shoulders and my book (or ipad!) in the shade. Then I eat and read and the animals enjoy the back yard with me. They like to sit in the sun until they are super hot, then move to the shade until the sun looks good again, and they go back and forth like that. I prefer the half-and-half system. :) 


  1. That is a lot of kale. I put even less effort into making meals when it's hot but maybe the dressing and the cheese sauce can make me rethink that.
    All I need is a dog to snuggle with.

    1. yeah the sauces really "spruce it up." If it were just the plain veggies, I don't think I'd really feel like I had a meal. But with the savory flavors of the cheese sauce and the dressing, it feels more satisfying for me... Probably it's even more mentally satisfying, since it's not really a whole lot more filling.

  2. Good.. Vegan food are the best that is considered by the doctors..We can see there is no harm in consuming more of this food..But red meat and other non vegetarian food should be taken in limited quantity.

  3. Anonymous2:58 PM

    I totally agree with the commenter above....it's all about the sauce. That's really the only way I will eat raw/plain veggies...if there is some kind of dressing to well, dress it up. Perfect for summer!

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